Covid 19 and its sometime after effects

August 8, 2021 Leave a comment

I am living in a small country in the European Union, which now has over a 50% full vaccination rate, I feel I have been very fortunate not to have contracted Covid 19 as yet.

Others, many others are not so fortunate.

Apparently around the world, providers are reporting a small but increasing number of cases in which Covid-19 patients with no previous history of mental health issues develop severe psychosis weeks or months after recovering from the virus, this has been labelled as post-Covid psychosis, also known as new-onset psychosis.

A calm and a dear friend and guide in my life contracted Covid in India where she lives, whilst the infection and the resulting disease was eventually cured, there has been a profound side effect of the disease or its treatment that has changed her quite dramatically.

This new disease exhibits the unreasoning symptoms as follows –

Anger, Paranoia and other psychosis

An external article here and here, may help explain the situation more clearly.

I am doing what I can to help and protect her and through others care for her.

My friend has been in India for over 25 years.

For me I find myself quite powerless in this situation, there is little known and even if I was in India, there is very little I could do.

As a result of the pain and suffering of my friend, I am pleased that I took the decision to be vaccinated, and due to new Government regulations concerning access to public areas such as Taverns, Shopping Centres, Restaurants and many other public areas it is mandatory to have a Safepass for access. Access to common areas is available under the following conditions.

  1. A COVID-19 negative PCR test or Rapid Test carried out within the last 72 hours,
  2. A COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate after at least 3 weeks from the administration of the 1st dose have passed,
  3. Evidence of being released, in the case of persons who fell ill with COVID-19 within the last 6 months from initially being diagnosed as positive.

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