Renting in Cyprus – A learning Experience

April 29, 2023 Leave a comment

Back in 2019 I made a conscious decision to withdraw from the anxiety and intrusion that living in a metropolis brought into my life. I had been writing a book and hit a wall; hence I wanted solitude, I needed solitude.

I rented a small villa in Galataria village a mainly wine growing area on the way to the Troodos, the main mountain range in western Cyprus. The Village was at around 700-800 meters above sea level.

The Villa which was very close to the local village church, was small on one level with two bedrooms. Looking in a Southerly direction.

The village itself had a population of around a 100, the houses are mostly of typical stone village construction.

For three years the owners and myself had I would class it as having a good relationship.

At the beginning of 2022, I wasn’t feeling well, to me an unknown malady … I eventually went to the Emergency department at Paphos public hospital and after some test ended up being admitted to hospital. I was diagnosed with having a heart condition.

For about two weeks I was moved from Paphos to Limassol Hospitals and finally to Nicosia Public hospital where I had a heart bypass operation. Over ten days later I was discharged at Paphos Hospital.

I would comment here, that while my time in Hospital was excellent including the care, the after care, that which was to happen in my recovery after I left hospital, aside from a one time list of pharmaceuticals was non existent. All I can say is thank goodness the in-hospital operation and my actual self directed recovery was excellent.

After being discharged from hospital I was terribly weak as well I couldn’t walk and was taken in and looked after in the home of my very good friend Mark for over 6 weeks … a very kind man who was very helpful, actual essential in my time of need.

During this time, I continued to pay the rent for the home in Galataria. After several visits to hospital hoping to repair my leg, I contacted Stelios, the husband of the owner and said I felt I needed to be closer to the hospital. I returned to the unit to arrange to have it packed to move to a new place.

When I arrived at the unit to pack up, I found that the refrigerator had failed during my absence and all of my food in the freezer and the fridge had spoiled.

My year to year lease had expired and I told him I would not be renewing all seemed OK. When I had moved, I requested an inspection and return of the bond … he replied aggressively saying that he would retain the bond as he had to buy a replacement refrigerator. I found a replacement used unit for €30, however he refused to consider it and said he would decide what to do.

I have never come across a situation where a tenant was penalised for a failure of an appliance owned by the house owner.

Despite writing to him and asking him to reconsider the total unfairness of the situation, I did not receive a response. You might ask why did I not seek a legal resolution. That would have meant not letting go of the problem, and drawing out the conflict. I chose not to, it is my belief that balance will be achieved, and he will be held accountable for his unacceptable behaviour, hence I decided to let it go and put it in the hands of the Universe.

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