Civilisation’s decline!

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The quality of the majority of leaders world wide is pitiful …. there is no strength, honour, compassion or integrity in todays leadership – once it was said that one had to know how to serve to be a leader – to serve comes from the practical experience of serving such as that found in the military, in areas where we give to others, without expecting something in return … the ideology that we are here to protect and serve others. This is not my experience today of people who have the ability to help others, the majority if they do act, instead work for their own gain, or validation with no regard for the people who elected them or for those countrymen that are in need.

I am not an American, and personally I am not a fan of the likes of Trump, in my view from the outside his behaviour indicates a soul with an apparent total lack of any moral, virtue or ethical base, however this is not unusual as in various degrees it applies to others, seemingly in all political parties, worldwide. More than anything I am sad and disappointed about what American has become as it teeters on the edge of the abyss, for my view from childhood was that America was something to aspire to … seemingly sadly no more.

It is far easier to be detached and give a view of a circumstance, as it is impossible to give a detached view when one is being carried along with those circumstances.

This is just my personal point of view. Understandably, I do not understand much of the rhetoric that comes from people in many countries, as I am not living their lives, nor have I had their experiences.

There have always been sides of an statement people will agree with and those who do not, they disagree because they both believe they are right. The world has many ignorant or uninformed people, looking for someone to blame for their problems caused by mostly outside circumstances, if these people can be controlled and targeted it is the creation of an army waiting to be enslaved and directed at an target of the choosing of those in power.

But it is my view from the media in all its forms and actions including violence in the wider American culture, we are way past disagreement, as I have mentioned before, we are in a forerunner to actual conflict on a local, maybe national scale. For this to happen will require a trigger perhaps seemingly innocuous, when or even if this will happen is unknown.

I will be aware in a detached way of the result of the elections but there is no point being invested in the outcome for no one outside America and those who don’t vote have any say in this election. I see little point in being active in the conflict as it is something that only Americans have any say in.

What happens now with the replacement for Justice Bader-Ginsberg and afterwards in the Presidential elections will set the tone and timetable for either the slow restoration of the path to a new ethical America or to its destruction – none of this has come from an outside enemy but from within, from internal division which are trading in the America that once was, to what it will become

Who or what drives this?

In my view a lack of critical thought, via a proper education system for the majority which has lead to an overriding ignorance, identity fusion, the adversarial system of the government and its culture (Capitalism – Profit – confrontation) the courts and business and an infotainment media that broadcasts opinions, a slanted, nay biased version of the truth, or straight out lies, rather than truth.

Why does this happen, people lie because they are afraid, they individually and as a group have an expedient approach to attaining and maintaining government, where the lure of power trumps ethics, honour, virtue, truth and of course democracy itself.

One wonders if the constant division that is being fostered, along the lines of politics, creed and colour is being directed by those who would prefer a civil war leading to the destruction of America as opposed to a class war between the rich and the real people of America that are not – for which the outcome is a given. Those that influence the path of America, would prefer a Civil war to a class war.

The most pressing problem I see are the effects of Climate change and pollution. The science is not open to debate, for credible scientists have proven that the effects for the future for the planet will be profound, in change in sea level, weather and hence rainfall, however we don’t seem as a species to take it seriously. We make movies about it, but do very little to change the way we live, we seemingly are fine to do nothing about it because we don’t want that future to ask anything of you today, when today is all we have.

A big part of the reason I came to this little village was to write, to be with nature, to be at peace, meditate and live simply, in essence to remove myself from Consumption and conflict in all its forms, things, media, opinion and things we cannot control, which is everything except my own choices. I do not wish to add to or become part of the storm.

After the events in Washington of the 6th of January 2021 I would add this. I remember reading a book called Armageddon written by Leo Uris, published in 1964 about the time when Berlin was occupied by the allies after World War two and the process of riding the country of Nazi influence and supporting the introduction of a democratic government. In the fictional book there was a comment between a German politician who endured the war in a Nazi jail and a senior American soldier. The comment was from the german politician speaking about the Nazi’s and their actions.

“Nazi’s could spring up anywhere, in any country.”
The response from the American soldier was.
“But it hasn’t has it.”

Well that may no longer be true.

We must remember from history, that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

I hope that the American public does not stand idly by as others have done, as their liberty is traded for tyranny and an ideology of ego, abuse, murder, horror and genocide.

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