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History and the future

When I completed the disposal of my former company, I thought that I would ease up on the work, but this hasn’t worked. I still want to have something to do, a job a position so that I am able to achieve my goals, perhaps unfortunately part of me I still believes a job reflects on who I am – not a mind set to go forward with, as a job or other label is not what you are.  Making judgments about yourself or other people by taking a snapshot of a person – this generally can be wrong, we have no right to make judgments of a person, but unfortunately we do.

We look at the external aspects of people, their body, their clothes, their haircut, their speech even who they associate with – all based on mostly jaundiced subjective view of what is acceptable.

I started work in the Corporate world. Then at a propitious time I started my own company that over more than a decade was very successful but as it was a niche market, and as with all niche market we had to widen our product and service base to grow and prosper, thankfully we did.

However since I have been looking for a full time position, I have found that judgments, without feedback or recourse seems to be the way that the recruitment industry works.


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