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Something out of the Box and Left field

It isn’t often that I take a public stand on things, however I am very concerned about the current facade concerning the for and against positions for the Whale killing.

I know that there is little I can do to influence the Japanese and other Governments to stop this insane murder, so I can only extend my displeasure within my circle of influence, and perhaps by talking to you, to hopefully make you stop and think. Why are we as a species doing this?

Obviously, the stated reason for the Japanese whaling program of scientific research is for public consumption only and has little credibility. The way the mammals are killed sometimes by being drowned, and then gutted (whilst still moving) – the brutality of this is unbelievable.

Why are they doing this, is it political, is it economic (probably) or is it just ego, or are they just being absolutely bloody, perhaps all of the above, or as a wise man said – because we can and you can’t stop us.

OK, so what can I do with this anger – all I can do is to express my displeasure and total disagreement in the only way that may have some effect, even microscopically – I need to vote with my wallet, I was about to buy a car, a phone – and a new laptop.  I guess I will need to seek these products from other vendors – without their Head Quarters in Japan or Norway.

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