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Let's wait & see

My whole spirit is pleased to know that the war (this war at least) in the middle east is at a end – the reason why I have been waiting to blog is that I felt unsure if it was at a end.

Well now that it is over – what has been achieved – whilst I fully appreciate and agree that Israel has a right to defend its territories and its people, perhaps in this case a more measured and circumspect response would have achieved more in the long term.

As with Palestine – it is a probability that there will be an effectively  more fundamentalist (controlled at least) government in power in Lebanon – with the support of the people of Lebanon – and basically who could blame them – they are receiving health, social and financial aide from Hezbollah (even if it is in effect coming from Iran) in a timely fashion.

Will this conflict ever end ?  In God’s name I hope it will – but perhaps both sides need to treat each other as they would wish to be treated – and the fundamental thought process that (1) the Israeli’s do have a right to live in peace and (2) that talk with honey for both sides is better than death and destruction.

Note there are also Christian fundamentalists…. this whole idea of trying to drag the world into the past is hard to understand…

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