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Leverage knowledge to a New Career

With a new year about to commence for me I have some tangible reason to confirm my optimism for the future, as I have been recently appointed to a large International Consulting company – based in Sydney.

I am using the contacts and experience I have from the Broadcasting, Media and Telecommunications Industries to leverage myself – I have been able to re-invent myself into a whole new industry – in the areas of Strategic and Corporate Consulting, retained executive as well as executive search.

I am very thankful to have a productive focus in my life that forces a daily productive discipline onto my soul and my daily life.

It is a tad funny that a while ago I was critical of the way that recruiting companies operate – and now I am one – however I am more able to understand the apparent external operating systems that once limited my understanding of the Recruitment industry – however I find the retained operating system far superior business model to the alternative in the areas of basically providing value for money.

Whilst the Internet is a wonder for making information available, and the interaction between individuals and corporations – I do not consider that it has done anything for a Human relationship business such as the recruitment industry – due to the time and staffing restrictions forced on many of the agencies – the use of computerized Resume’ readers and profilers has in my opinion taken the Human out of Human Recruitment.  As well many of these agencies – who advertise only on large job sites – only receive interest from active job seekers – where as the ideal person may be a passive job seeker who needs in the most part – hard copy advertising in print media to notify them of the position.

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