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The USA – the near future

I have been in the USA recently and exposed to their various media – some which are patently supportive of the administration (whatever the cost) and others which are critical and are to a large part at the moment considered left wing – this puts much of America to the left of the Republican party which is so easy to do as they are so far to the right.

It will be so hard to be neutral in the USA come the next elections (Nov 2006) when so many body bags have come home, much of the next generation is depleted. It needs to be stopped before we end up with a body count as large as Vietnam.

I consider even at this early stage that the Republican Party, the President, the White House and the American people will really be in for a wake up call come the congressional, State elections and senate elections which are due within a month.

I consider it a done deal that the Republican Party will loose control of the Congress, and possibly the Senate – even if they don’t loose control of the Senate – their margin may be as little as 2 seats.

However unlike the Westminster System of Government this will not stop the President, as it is not the Congress that elects the President – it is the people of the USA -so I am afraid that President Bush will go on leading the USA for another two years – he still of course has the power of veto – but it will terribly effect his standing not only in the USA but worldwide – as mainly because of the Iraq war he has placed himself in a lame duck position – there will be heads lost if this scenario eventuates – the first to go would be the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Again I say – why can’t we learn from the past – countries such as the UK, France, Spain and of course the USA, to say a few have been down a similar situation with a war and a occupying military before – and no one seems to want to learn from the past – what makes them think that they will win.  They are looking for a acceptable policy to get them out – but there is no policy – they will loose the war, the Iraqi people and will loose face – again.

So far as the Governor of California is concerned Arnold Schwarzenegger, I consider he will be returned easily – as there does not seem to be a credible Democrat alternative – I don’t think the Democrat can rely on the war to help him in this situation.

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