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America the home of the "free"

My estimate of the carnage was wrong concerning  the estimate of the loss of the Republican party in the United States, I thought that they would just squeak by and maintain control of the senate but loose control of the Congress – however the swing that lost the Republicans the congress went right across the board with them loosing control of the senate as well.

What does this mean – aside from the fact that it now means that the Democrat Party now can initiate, and control the investigation of any wrong doing by the Republican party – it means that certain states – namely California which has been marginalized for so long will have a significant say in the new administration with over 34 delegates – see the following article from the New York Times

What I cannot understand is how Bush wasn’t aware this was going to happen – he didn’t seem to change any part of his strategy when he was quite aware that the midterms could make or break Republican influence and control in the senate and the congress.

Although it has been said on the net that Many of the candidates on the ballots were really "republican-lite" and no where near enough of them were actually liberals – here is a wish list from Shawn of the wish list for action during the perios as follows: I just hope the Democrats can seize the opportunity to really change things in this country and don’t just attack Bush. Balancing the budget, protecting the poor and middle classes, fixing health care, resolving Iraq, restoring civil liberties, protecting a woman’s right to choose, making college more affordable, enforcing fair trade, solving immigration, taking care of the environment, and gay rights are all major issues and they aren’t even all of the issues facing this country. ……has f—ked up this country so badly that I don’t know if even Bill Clinton could fix this fiasco

This was one opinion

If I am missing something please write to me, or comment.

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