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How did we get here – what has happened to honour, integrity, honesty and love of our planet, our personal spaceship

Over the past few years I have changed my views on the way the Western world runs their Governments. However I don’t really see and alternative, however the socialist Government of Bolivia and President Evo Morales seem to be (at the moment) working well at the moment.

The purpose of the Government of any country is to serve the people of the country – this idea that the Government is a business is wrong and perverted. The government is there to provide a wide range of services and infrastructure to the people of the country – not to in fact make a profit. There is a case when previous Governments have written cheques which the couldn’t cash without going into debt – that a period of correct?  & responsible (joke) financial management should follow – however in the case of the Australian Government – this has been carried to a state where the Government is acting as though it was a business – the surpluses should be returned to the people in the way of better services in the areas of education, health, social services – the defense department should be scaled back so it there to defend our country (which it probably couldn’t do no matter how much money they had) and not be used to project power and influence outside of Australia.

The United States could do it once, no more – they are not in a position to do it – to project their political persuasion – no matter how much they think it is right, it is in fact a form of political terrorism.

The state has been reached where the likely hood of normal Australians being able to (1) afford a University degree and (2) be able to buy a house is reaching credibility.  Perhaps so far as University is concerned we should consider a indentured type of service – for instance if you do a 3 year degree then a 3 year work period within the Government or a 6 year service outside of the Australian government – but still paying taxes within Australia – should be how it would be funded.

Perhaps if we had social style of Governments that could in fact balance a cheque book, and could operate a strategic plan – which at its central core realized that change costs, and therefore it should be planned for – on a step by step basis. Remembering that the quickest way to loose office is to affect the swinging voter’s disposable income.

Unfortunately Governments in general like businesses – seem to operate on the Machiavellian premise that the end justifies the means – I have said this before and I shall say it again – the end never justifies the means – all it does is totally devalue the end result.  The idea that something good can come out of such a approach is ridiculous.

What has happened to honor, integrity and basic honesty?

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