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Changes in Media – the future

There are primarily three different types of Media today – lets forget the transport mechanism for the moment.

1.    The former monopolistic media – Television, Radio and Print Media
2.    Interactive Media – and the Internet
3.    Social Media

Let me expand, this third type of Media, which is here and now is developing in many different areas and directions is a community based media – between people – between groups – members of these groups are interacting on a global scale – I am not a psychologist but could there be a basis in this reaching out to connect in our basic relationship needs.

This basic need for connection and to an extent our own validation means that conventional Media has to change or die, their own business plans need to include the input in their programming, feedback (which they do after the fact – in the way of a ratings) – this ratings is so after the fact -sort of after the damage is done.

Television, Radio, Print Media and to some extent interactive media – must become part of this same social community – to become a reflection of their own communities needs, dreams, aspirations and wishes. This new community including the Media – needs to become member of the new communities a reflection, otherwise if change is not prompt – then the conventional Media will become just a memory, as one thing is for sure that the Internet will continue to change and evolve – when perhaps in the not to distant future, we can stand up on a virtual stage – in a virtual soap box and say our piece – Wow – its already here, I am talking on one – a blog.

New Technologies operating inside the Internet, have made this possible – in its current format I cannot see IPTV being a major influence – it is built up by hype – the recent downgrading of future subscribers is an indication of this.  Video on Demand will be a subject of a future posting.

This new type of forum, where the old media has to meet the new Media – and to use all the features of the Internet – but on equal basis – not as one part of the relationship being superior to the other.

So where do we go from here – what will the future be ? To some extent it depends on how the Internet develops – but the major factor are the other side of current media, the users and the viewers – they as individuals do not appreciate what power they hold, the power which is theirs, even by just surfing the Internet and not using its Niche Broadcasters – they are wielding immense power, because when on-line they are not watching Television.

So the viewers are going to shape the format and the way that the Media operates and interacts in the long term – other thoughts could be the way that viewers could dramatically affect storylines of soaps and other TV series – could offer ideas for storylines, interact with Television, providing content via Mobile phones & emails. There could also be the probability of large multi-national corporations actually funding a TV series, with say a permanent small logo on the content,  this would probably reduce the cost of the series to Broadcasters – but at the same time limit their flexibility.

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