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The New Self – Chinese astrology – Letter to a friend in the USA

Depending on when you were born check out other signs by looking at this site – http://www.holymtn.com/astrology/year.htm

Also we can work out your ascendant if we knew the place, date and time of birth. Your ascendant or perhaps you may know it as your rising sign – is that part of your personality that others see – as we get older – it becomes more any more predominant in your personality.

I have found that by checking the Chinese charts you can work out the compatibility between the Chinese signs quite dramatically – and for me (in business) they have worked. You might think that it is strange.

The simplest thing about a having a passionate life is as the spiritualist Joseph Campbell said – “Follow Your Bliss”, in my opinion probably the most profound phrase every uttered by a mere mortal.

I will achieve my passion professionally, personally and spiritually as I follow my bliss.

I admire your practical application of your beliefs – using products that are green and good for the planet –  What you are doing by living your beliefs is wonderful – you can only be a mentor for people – and educator – a leader – I think that this is imperative for business to really be involved with their sales base – their customers – this is because business as we know has changed – and will change dramatically further in the future – not too many companies have caught up with this fact – and your company is at the sharp end of the new business direction.

Businesses that comes from the Dickensian age – which most do – regardless of how they dress it up – will end up on the scrap heap – and the majority of the populous start to live not only for themselves but for everyone – as we are all one – energy.

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