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Our full potential is boundless

Lets look at the idea that we are all responsible as the Chief agent of cause in your own life and behavior – but we are not all powerful, on the surface, (although we may be on a atomic level) I cannot support the impossible notion that we are responsible for every aspect of our existence and therefore everything that happens to us – if we hold ourselves responsible for matters beyond our control, we will inevitably fail and therefore put part of our self-confidence and self-esteem at risk, on the other hand if we deny responsibility for those things which are within our control – again we will jeopardize our self confidence and more importantly our self -esteem – the important thing is to know the difference of what is and what isn’t under our control..

Self responsibility for those things we can control in our own life is indispensable for good self-esteem, avoiding self responsibility victimizes us with regard to our own lives, and will inevitably lead to helplessness – and it gives power over our own lives to everyone except ourselves – this can and will lead to frustration, then we tend to blame someone else – we reject responsibility for our own lives, others are at fault for our misery and unhappiness – by contrast, self-responsibility is a self empowering exhilarating experience, sometime confronting, but with the result that the control of our lives is in our hands.

It is normal though not responsible to look outside oneself for someone responsible, someone all knowing, all powerful, and to that end people look to some religions, to governments, others in responsibility, to signs received from Astrology, Tarot etc – however to place any credence and to let these externals control your total lives, you are in fact abrogating your own responsibility to yourself – and let the control of your life be taken over or in fact given over to someone else.

We all have regrets as we travel through life, if only I had stepped up then, done this – met that person – the trick is when we are on our rocking chair in our 90’s + to limit those regrets to things inside our control, not those outside of our control – take command of your life and focus on what you want out of life in a positive way. Have faith in your own actions and abilities – I believe the most profound thing said by a human person is "follow your bliss" as follows, by Joseph Campbell

"You begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss and they open the doors for you. I say follow your bliss and don’t be afraid and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be"

Don’t say I cannot do this or that because “this is what I am” – no this is not what you are – this is what you were – go forward take responsibility for yourself in the areas as below and create your own future.

Responsibility & Self Responsibility


  • For my choices and actions
  • For the way I prioritize time
  • For the level of consciousness I bring to my work
  • For the care or lack of care with which I treat my body
  • Being in relationships I choose to enter or to remain in
  • For the way treat other people – my spouse / partner, my children, my parents, my friends, my siblings, my associates, my boss, my subordinates, the sales clerk in the department store – a stranger
  • For the meaning I give or fail to give to my existence
  • For my happiness
  • For my life – materially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually

If you are blaming someone or something else for your current position – change – you have free will – change your views, this will create a new you.

I have as I said looked at a lot of works, in particular the works of Dr. Nathaniel Branden, some of which is quoted herewith on this blog, this is in my effort to understand the human condition, what limits people potentials – in my general view it is attitude, self-responsibility, and of course self-esteem.

Take from this what works for you – it all works for me – this is my personal view, so seek expert opinion if you have any questions .

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