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The Trip to the USA

I returned a little while ago from the USA where I was basically for much of June, and some of July – I spent a little time in Los Angeles and San Francisco – but much of my time was spend in Colorado, and in particular the Rocky Mountains themselves.

Arriving in Denver which is in itself a mile high – the air port was quite a surprise – a state of the art – internal trains (the home hub for Frontier airlines) that was great – the biggest problem was that I was very tired after my time in Los Angeles – and was in no state to try work the trains – all too hard. Well after a few efforts I arrived at the right end of the airport – for baggage claim etc. Of course the heightened state of United States security did not help matters. I know that police with dogs, police on bicycles and police in teams – all carrying sub-machine guns, plus +++ as well as body Armour and flak vest – is this supposed to make me feel more secure but funnily it doesn’t – it makes me feel decidingly insecure – unfortunately with the world wide paranoia – its very much a shoot first – whoops afterwards kind of scenario.

After – baggage claim –  I was met by my friends – and off we went – to experience Colorado.

One thing of course I might mention is that for almost 2 months before I left – I took I took a herbal tonic to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of my blood and hence my ability to actually breathe at these altitudes – here speaks someone who normally lives at sea level. It worked after a few days becoming acclimatised .  One thing you don’t think (well I didn’t) about is dehydration – drink lots of water – well I did as well as large quantities of sports drinks like Gatorade – couldn’t have done without it

The picture on the left – is of Coors field in Denver – the game was the Yankees vs the Rockies – the local team – great feeling at the ground. The Rockies won all the games against the Yankees – mind you see the stadium is over a mile in height, this may have had something to do with it.

I spent time with wonderful people, such a wonderful experience – exploring through the Rocky Mountains, at least the Colorado side – saw Moose, Elk, Deer – didn’t see any beaver although I saw their dams – so large – such an industrious little creature.

My sincere personal thanks to those wonderful people of Colorado who treated me like a long lost son – their generosity was wonderful and endearing – all my love goes to these very special people at Rawhide, their friends and families.

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