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A Country is not a company

September 17, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I do not believe in running Australia like a company – Howard / Costello are so happy they have this $17 billion surplus – how about returning it to those battlers, Australia’s shareholders who cannot pay their mortgage – or making interest payments on mortgages deductible for individuals, (even make it income determined) or making interest free bridging loans and financial planning to those people who are in dire financial mess or investing it in other infrastructure somehow – like child care – hospitals – education – etc

That is why Costello will never be Prime Minister – well not until he realises that – but he never will as he cannot relate to the fact that there are people in Australia – in the UK, in the USA, all over the world that despite their absolutely best efforts they need the help of their board of directors, their government.

I am thinking here of a TV program where in various episodes the CEO and other ‘C’ level executive management were sent back to the levels in the company where the company actually earned its income – for instance one CEO was sent back to help build a house – it turned out from memory that although there were a few bumps in the road – he performed OK – I wonder if our politicians would do as well in any job where they had to actually learn from the experience.  Also during this period they would not have access to their normal cash and credit cards – they would have to live on their income from this job level.  What do you think ?

 Sometime ago, I removed my Super Fund investments from the stock markets  whilst in the short term we may wander along, almost in our complacency  – it will only take a small trigger now to send us into chaos, then with one mistake from the Central Banks and oblivion is the next stop.  I don’t think my financial model is that impossible an outlook – time will tell, mind you for the sake of my own children – I hope I am being an alarmist, some people might say my middle name is Noah.

I am very concerned about the failure and breakdown of the rule of law…then what will will have is anarchy – and that works on might is right – but it never is.



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