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Money by itself is NOT the answer…

September 21, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

We are all so desperate to believe in something, is this because we no longer believe in ourselves – that we keep falling into each other – but do not connect spiritually.

We as a culture do not believe in any thing outside of ourselves – except for the symbols of our society, we aspire to secular goals, more money, more, more more…  Someone asked John D. Rockefeller, the billionaire oilman once – how much is enough money? – his response was as follows:- just a little more!  So how much money is enough for me, for you?

You will never be satisfied, If you make money the object of your full attention, Money should never be the end in itself….it should be the by-product of your dream, your bliss – if we look at the agony and the ecstasy  what money has caused in the world, we have and still are fighting wars for it – via the proxy of oil in IRAQ – in the current case.

My view of money is that I choose to be a manager of resources, as it is known that we never actually own money (well the real things it buys), just as we don’t own real estate – we hold it in trust – PLEASE, PLEASE do not allow your life to be driven for that “just one more dollar.”

I have clothes, food, shelter, and transportation which puts me in the top 1% of the world’s population. I guess that means that I should be grateful for what I have – I get up every morning – and yes I am really grateful – and Yes! I still have my goals – but money for its own sake isn’t one of them – well not directly anyway – I want my future business happiness and as a by-product my income to come as a direct result of my bliss, my dream. 

These goals and dreams include the job of my dream, working in the industry I love and being in a equal loving relationship – I will achieve these goals.


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