GOALS – Media and the future

Business moves in cycles, and after the last 15 years in my most recent incarnation I decided it was time to move onto a long held ambition of mine, to extend my skills, knowledge and expertise in the corporate sector, either in Australia or overseas. I have a background of deep experience in the Media and New Media sectors, from Radio Stations, Recording Studios, Television Stations, and Film & Video Production, to my most recent venture as a supplier of systems and services to Media & Technology companies and an operator of an ISP – hands on involvement with New Media. The business evolved into providing Business, Management and Technology consulting services to a range of industries, including Broadcasting the Internet and New Media sectors. I am passionate about the future of Broadcasting, New Media and the Technology that enables them – where both of these areas are going to evolve. In particular how we infuse the influence of the Internet and other emerging digital platforms into the mass media business models.

Very few Media companies in Australia are building new business models most are not. Some are throwing money at the threat by buying Internet operations thinking that this will plug the holes in their future Income profile, whilst others are actually doing what is needed to make the Internet an ally, by building communities. I am positive that formerly monopolistic media enterprises can both survive and grow their income streams but they will need to do so by following a different business model to that of the past, new strategies for the movement into Multi-platform Broadcasting; and onto other emerging digital platforms; Overseeing production of innovative inherently cross media television programs; the acquisitions of new innovation content experiences for free to air and online; I want to contribute to, and help guide that process. I have been head-hunted for positions in the past lastly as the former Executive VP of API Group, I have negotiated large contracts in Australia and overseas, I intimately know the technologies that power Broadcasting and the Internet, and I am researching a further study on Trends for information in the digital economy,

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