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The coming of the Peacemaker

Will the future be better than the past, will there ever be peace. love and justice – is there a peace maker coming?

I received a email from a service which I subscribe to – the service comes from Skye Thomas at www.tomorrowsedge.net

See if you can digest and make sense of the following from her.

“Never at any time during any of my prayers or meditations have I ever been told that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or any other ‘Saviour was coming.  That does not necessarily mean that they are not going to come either.  One of the things I have learned about angels and spirit guides is that a lack of a definite ‘yes’ does not necessarily equate as a ‘no.’ So for those of you who believe in a ‘Saviour prophecy, I am not telling you that it will not happen.  I asked for the specific phrase “Peace Maker” and to that I got a definite ‘no.’


What I was shown was an endless string of faces one after another.  I was shown Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr, the Dali Lama, Jesus, Albert Einstein, and many others.  Some were famous and I recognised them, others were complete strangers to me.  I immediately realized that the Peace Maker had come many times as many different people.  Never in history have we not had a Peace Maker.  Hundreds, thousands, millions of people all over the world at any given time are taking on the role of the Peace Maker.  Then I was reminded of the message given to me during my Cancer scare of 2003, “Stop searching for rainbows… be the rainbow.”  I heard a bit of a giggle as they said, “Stop searching for the Peace Maker… be the Peace Maker.”

My thought is sure there are peace makers of history of the here and now, but being a pacemaker starts with you… the love that is within you, to your relationships, your community, your family – imagine if we all were peace-makers…

Go in peace and love.

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