Ballmer sees the end of print media in ten years

Mike Ballmer – CEO of Microsoft, has now gone out on a limb and made some pretty bold predictions in a recent discussion with Washington Post editors, the biggest of which, by far, is his proclamation that he thinks there’ll be “no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network.

Well we can always have both – this “death” forecast was around with the introduction of Television, it predicted the demise of both Radio and Cinema – “didn’t happen” – they just changed and they are still very profitable market (in normal economic circumstances), Cinema is even better in tight economic times.

The death of TV – has been predicted – sorry don’t buy this either see my previous on this at my previous on Broadcasting and the Internet.

The death of media as we know it  – sorry I don’t buy that either – the thing is (1) I don’t imagine that he will be around in 10 years to be questioned on it  (2) There will always be niche markets for every kind of media – if on the other hand he had said no newspapers (as we know them today)  consumption maybe I might agree with him. But they will be there in a different form – perhaps on your mobile phone or such.

I didn’t think my prediction about someone predicting the end of media would come to fruition so soon – see here

Here is the link for Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) Steve Ballmer statement

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