Habeas Corpus – Restored

The United States Supreme Court has restored the rights on the Guantanamo Bay Prisoners to a fair trial – by restoring their Habeas Corpus Rights – it was a close call with a 5–4 judgement in favour by the nine Supreme Court Judges – see Link to US Supreme Court decision.  I commented on this back in early 2007 when the rights were seriously at risk Link to.

This has also been further cemented by the push by the US Senate to pass into law the legal instrument of Habeas Corpus – see Link to

This make three strikes against the Bush Administration over decisions affecting the Guantanamo prisoners – they USA military and the White House had based their non-acceptance of prisoners rights as Guantanamo is in fact in Cuba – not on U.S. soil – however the court did not accept this as they stated in part of their decision that Guantanamo is under the control of the USA.

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