The Pope is in Sydney

I am sure that most people consider the Pope himself to be a holy man – a spiritual man of the Universe, as do I – unfortunately the secular structure which he surrounds himself with, does not often reflect the spirituality, sanctity and goodwill to the office of the descendant of Saint Peter himself.

Too many time has this Church and others become involved with secular activities – something like – the alliance of the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – The good – being the Universe / God, the Bad being Mammon – the devil in the detail of un holy activities and the Ugly being the result of these expedient, money based, secular activities – not something a church should ever be involved.

This whole disaster of the sexual assaults, rapes and other betrayals of trust – is a symptom of a failing in the system, and expedience of the Church and of weak men with no integrity, now unfortunately the Catholic Church and many other organised religions are all about spin, minimisation of exposure, risk management etc.  They certainly aren’t about being a Francis of Assisi and working out of a derelict farm building, relying on the generosity of the people for their food, the Catholic Church organisation as a whole is just a corporation – that happens to be tax exempt – the best of both worlds.

The organisation is now so far away from being a caring, spiritual organisation with its foundations close to God and the essence of love and forgiveness.


I am so happy that the youth of today are so close to the spiritual direction of the Church as close to God and the Universe


But I cannot understand why priests and other officers and servants of the Churches who commit what effectively is rape and the worst kind of culpable crimes and abuse against children as well as adults aren’t in gaol?  The entire sickness about paedophiles and lets say this is what some of these priests and clergy are – perhaps the priest hood should not be celebrant – actually I believe for the Church to survive it will have to change – the Church has to do something to encourage people into the church and priest hood – being able to be married and to have families of their own would be a great start – you cannot deny one of the strongest drives we have as Humans – intimacy between partners including sex and procreation.


The moral authority of almost every Church is almost non-existent anymore, But it can be but it requires a complete change of direction from being a corporation to be a caring assembly of the children of the Universe, caring about other members of the world without worrying about the almighty Corporate Tax free dollar – actually without worrying about the dollar at all – but I know that this is not possible but there must be a better structure – where the needs of the spiritual servants of the Church is no way involved with secular activities. You cannot place a true clergy spiritual person in a choice to be made between God and Business – they should never been in this position.


Instead of spin etc. the church should be doing absolutely everything in it’s power – which we know to be considerable to help in real ways – to assist and work with the victims of the church and other moral and spiritual crisis – to help the individuals / families to come to terms with these crimes which can and do bring about a crisis of faith in the victims and their families.  Perhaps direct mediation with the clergy in question and their victims. The victims and their families crisis should be helped in anyway possible including and not limiting helping repair the psychological trauma brought about directly by the servants of the Church. To me it is a symptom – of decay of what the Church stands for – a symptom like in any disease is telling us that something is wrong with the body – hence we are at the moment treating the symptom by amputation or cutting off the diseased part from the body – but we are not treating the underlying cause.


Life is about change – change is life – the Church needs to change to become relevant and an effective spiritual body in todays world – perhaps a meeting of like minded people – who believe more in God and not Mammon could initiate a Strategic long term Plan to change the outlook and structure of the Catholic Church – I am not a Catholic – nor do I believe in structured religions – but I would join a change management team – to begin the true restructure of the Church, to break down the self protection, the self delusion, the spin and the rest of the bull shit – to return to the once proud and loving principles the Church was built upon – to return to being a caring, loving organisation in the image of one of the holiest of men Jesus, God / Universe. This would be the best legacy for Jesus of Nazareth, to the current Pope who walks in the shoes of the fisherman from the first Pope, St. Peter who founded the church so long ago.


However to do this requires a new direction – a directive from the Pope himself and the will to carry out the change of direction – it is a massive task – it would include a dramatic change in the Church Structure (a separation if you like between Church and State – that is between the Spiritual and Secular areas of the Church). I frankly cannot see it happening – if change comes at all – it will not be of any substance – it will probably be – spin something for decoration – but people know this – they want substance, real change, honesty and love. They also want a person to person contact with their Holy man – to give them solace, advice and understanding.


Does the church want to survive – do the Church offices, the clergy in power want to move out of their very sweet life – we will see – but I don’t think anything will change after all there is 2000 years of history and one of the only things that hasn’t changed in any ideological way is the Church.


Unfortunately if change does not come the Church will die – its influence will wane so that in the very long term it will be a mere shadow of its former self – it will become irrelevant.


A friend of mine – I thought had a valid observation here as follows of one clergy response to a families tragedy:


From Earl at KeyNet

 Sydney: see the source SMH document Link here


The World Youth Day co-ordinator said yesterday that some victims were “crankily dwelling … on old wounds” as pilgrims celebrated.

He was responding to news that a Melbourne man, Anthony Foster, was returning from London this morning to confront Cardinal George Pell and Pope Benedict over the repeated rape of two of his daughters by Father Kevin O’Donnell at a primary school in Melbourne’s Oakleigh parish.

It apparently escapes this idiot’s attention that he owes his living to an organisation that spends 100% of its time dwelling on 2,000 year old wounds.

He has also forgotten about “whatever you do to the least of my children, you do to me”.

Like any organisation – it is built with people – in the case perhaps the message has been lost about what is important – which is the connection between people, and for the betterment of all people… again these organisations are operating like secular organisations rather than those dedicated to a great mans teachings..


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