Pope meets abuse victims

I was at a total loss to understand why the abuse victims and their relatives were still so upset even after the Pope met them on Monday before his departure.

Apparently – from a good friend and bright source – something I did not know – I am told that there were only 4 people chosen to meet the pope, apparently they were ones who had agreed not to sue, and Anthony Foster, whose daughters were raped by a priest was NOT one of them. The victims were re-victimised by the church, being used as trophies in a secret event that essentially mirrored the original abuse.

The Church is spinning even the meeting with the Holy Father – rather than doing the whole thing in a open unsecured, and therefore uncontrolled environment – with the Pope professing real love (actual unconditional love) for these abused people and their relatives – As I said in my previous Blog – here – the church really doesn’t get that it needs to do all this stuff in the open, it needs to be transparent and accountable – it is still manipulating and managing the whole thing in ways that work to its advantage – as a corporate or secular entity might – and if it needs to tread on people’s lives to do that, well that’s always been the case so far – so again what is new?

I am deeply disappointed – the Church just doesn’t get it – the Church as a whole has screwed up and they must take the punishment on the chin.

The Church must be honest and loving – it must remember how – it’s like riding a bike. I know I am being sceptical here – I hear there is a good book to read which is all about living a honourable loving life, it’s called the Bible.

I am not blaming the Pope or the multitude of truly loving clergy who are close to God – I am blaming the secular side of the church who have convinced the Pope that this is the way they must operate – why is it not possible for the Pope to personally visit with these people and apologise in person- face to face – as he might do when he washed the feet of his Bishops.  I can hear the voices we cannot – there are too many – what does that matter – it doesn’t matter if it takes the next 5 years – you have to do it.  It’s called honesty, integrity, honour and love.

The Church is acting as though these abuse victims are the ones that are doing wrong in making the Church come to account for its sins – the Churches actions or in most cases lack of action is what is wrong here – I am sure that the abuse victims don’t blame the Popes personally for these abuses against them – but they have to blame the Vatican for this spin and PR campaign – this is what is inexcusable.  The Church is supposed to represent God’s love on earth – Jesus would not have treated people in this way – he forgave the people who put him to death. 

So the Church needs to practice what it has preached – “ And forgive us our trespasses, even as we forgive our trespassers. And lead us not into temptation: but deliver us from evil.” – love the abused because they are you, but for the grace of God.

If the church cannot act in an accountable, loving and responsible fashion – it doesn’t deserve to continue – the Church is made up of people – people are human and therefore are fallible. Accept this – and as above personally apologise to the victims and their family – take your penance as a whole as these people want – then put it behind you and move forward healed and re invigorated into the future with the love of the World and the Universe behind them, and most probably the support of the victims and their family as well.

Go with God – no go on living as if you were living with Gods love.

See here – Pope meets abuse victims or do listen to the audio file.


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