Carbon Credits and Emissions Trading

It seems strange to me that after all of this discussion concerning Carbon credits, Emissions trading and sustainability – in the short and in the long term – there is only one group of people who will end up paying for the whole transfer into the this total new and changed economy we are as a nation contemplating.

Those people as with the GST (a point of sale – Good and Services Tax (VAT) ) are the end users, the consumers who in the current guidelines will not get any free licenses, credits or otherwise – frankly currently I don’t think Australians as a whole can afford this, not on top of the price of oil and the flow on hikes in basic food needs, as well as rent and interest rates.  We are not a bottomless pit guys and girls.

Under the current guideline policies – as is usual the Government and business seemingly can go on their merry way unaffected by the costs involved – in fact the Government will again come out on top, I say this as any cost increases for services and products – where the price is totally due to the affects of Carbon Credits and Trading – any increase in prices tracks to increases in income for the GST – more money for the Government .  However if we don’t do something – we will end up on a planet that cannot support us – the planet will survive – but  we won’t, well not at least in our current numbers.

It has to be a World wide effort – Yes everyone – Australia contributes less than 2–3% to the world wide problem – whilst it means something I guess, that Australia is going ahead on its lonesome – unless the big polluters to name just a few such as the United States, China, the European Union, India, and the United Kingdom actually get off their seats and do something, Australia’s actions will have little real impact on the problem as a whole. Whilst the big polluters are totally concerned about how it looks, the effect on their own countries – in other words how it spins rather than how it is – within a generation at the most two nothing that we do then will make a difference to the world – it will tumble into a re-stabilisation of climate, different to and perhaps not tolerant of us.  There are a number of scenarios – most of them disastrous – the cessation of the Gulf stream, another ice age – but through all of this the planet will go on – it just will not go on as before – and we will be thinking why didn’t they do something when they could.

OK I understand that you are sitting there saying its not my fault why should I take the first step – because its inevitable and in difficult times its all about leadership – seemingly a forgotten skill in the Governments of the world – in reality what leadership has come down to is “lets do a telephone pole of our sample” – this will tell them what their sample thinks of how popular this or that possible idea might be – then we apply the best spin – and hey presto – leadership today – this isn’t leadership, its the worst kind of political manipulation – and it results in no effective leadership let alone action. Take a stand and make a decision once you have all relevant feedback and input from the stakeholders (thats us as well).  That’s what we put you there for – forget about your legacy – your legacy is us and our descendants – in this case the future of the planet as our home.

I am impressed with the leadership qualities of Kevin Rudd – however he is however way too strong – and doesn’t seem to trust his Ministers, he seems to micro manage – as a result many of his team are absolute wimps or incompetents promoted way above their abilities.  Sad – I think, but true!!  I am worried to how this somewhat self imposed work load will effect his health

All the political positions, from Labor, the Liberals and now we have the Greens trying to come in from the irrelevancy of the political wilderness – they really don’t act like a Greens party in my mind – they are way too aggressive – with little thought of the future of the average Australian. The Green Peace Activist bodies and this stunt recently about invading the power station – is one such  – it has its good points to keep the subject to the forefront – but gosh some of their demands are so ridiculous. I agree we need to develop alternative base load and peak power alternatives – but this transfer of the energy generating burden will take time – currently as I see it the only new viable alternative base load power is Wind, Geo-Thermal and of course Nuclear – which is not really an alternative due to the waste component.  Hydro in Australia – no.  Solar power without a way of storing energy to run the generators at night is not a base load alternative.

The Australian Labor party which frankly has no idea of the exact details of the policy itself is seeking have the co-operation of the Liberals – by frankly attacking and marginalising them and their leadership.  Now this boys and girls is not how it is done – you find common ground and negotiate – not revert to the normal political bulling tactics – you are the people we elected and put in a responsible place to deal with future of our country – grow up – if you cannot then stay in the sand trap with the other kids at Play school where you belong.

Then we have the talk – spin in fact about the idiocy of bringing Costello back to the front bench at the very least – he has absolutely no affinity with the average Australia – no idea of what it takes just to survive today – no leadership skills – that he has shown so far – perhaps he might have changed – Yes – but into what?  Now is the time we need leaders for the future, not people living in the past with some ancient history to prove – Costello after the last election was like a little boy – “I would have won” – bull – at that time I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t have voted for him, in fact if he had been Prime Minister at the time of the last election the rout of the conservative parties would have been absolute, they may never have recovered.

Once there is a white paper on the actual details of the policy maybe – then you can talk about seeking input from all stakeholders  – once you actually have a solid proposal of an idea – surely this whole project is a case for a bi-partisan approach – shouldn’t the best brains in the Australia be involved in this, not just the best brains in politics (its like saying a joke like Politics and intelligence, Smart Ass, small fortunes or well preserved ruins – all are real oxymoron (s)) – unfortunately we are dealing with the future of the planet people – and most of you “on both sides” just don’t cut it  – I realise that there are few best brains in politics – not many – but let’s get it right – please for the sake of Australia – get your ego out of the way and start having clear thoughts about the implications on Australia – start making decisions with enough information, and enough time – use the best modelling possible – to understand how it will impact normal Australians.  – Please no more political egos or party driven rhetoric – do what is best your people, Australians.

For those of us not living in the splendid unreality of Canberra with the guaranteed income and great Super & expense accounts – The new system will come as a complete paradigm shift in the way we currently live our lives – a dramatic change – hence Australia permanently will be taking a different fork in the road – surely our entire future is worth a think tank of every interested,thinking and able person to give constructive help on how we live beyond this. We are a world leader in implementing this change – so get it right. Mind you why are we being a world leader in this again?

But just as we are announcing this new program to slash our carbon emissions we are in a real bind – between a rock and a hard place so to speak – as we announce our Coal exporting successes., so are we moving these polluting minerals offshore ??

This is in my opinion the biggest Change Management project ever for Australia – get some help – not from the input from the rarefied, theoretical giants of the Consultant world but people who live a really normal life – not something we learn from a theoretician – talk to the people on the ground.

I was speaking to my very good friend Earl about this – I put some of the above to him, and that there has be a way that normal people can be helped on this and with his usual outside the box thinking he came up with the following:-

“Now if each individual Australian was given an annual (reducing supply of carbon credits they could use as they wished) for use with food, energy, housing and transport, anything – all consumables included, and we could either use or save the credits to trade to people who could not control their consumption, life might be really interesting”.

This way you could pay for the price increase directly attributable to the Emission component using your carbon credits or pay cash – sounds good to me.

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