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Abundant, Sustainable, Renewable & Green source of hydrogen

I came across this article in my travels – an international team of researchers led by Monash University (Australia) has used chemicals found in plants to replicate a key process in photo synthesis, paving the way to a new approach that uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The breakthrough could revolutionise the renewable energy industry by making hydrogen — touted as the clean, green fuel of the future — cheaper and easier to produce on a commercial scale.” This was a laboratory demonstration only and the researchers say they need to bring up the efficiency. 

I know its only in its early stages – but isn’t it interesting to think of the possibilities – an abundant, sustainable energy source that is portable, green (no pun here)  and renewable.  That the path that humanity has discovered is to such an abundant energy source that nature has perfected over 3 billion years of evolution.

It would be a tremendous help in the long term Carbon Credits and Emissions Trading program – a real green sustainable alternative.

I would congratulate Professor Leone Spiccia, Mr Robin Brimblecombe and Dr Annette Koo from Monash University teamed with Dr Gerhard Swiegers at the CSIRO and Professor Charles Dismukes at Princeton University.  They have developed a system comprising a coating that can be impregnated with a form of manganese, a chemical essential to sustaining photo synthesis in plant life.

See the link press release from Monash here

Great News – what was it Einstein said – The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.



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