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Peter Costello – is he a pretender to the throne

I don’t understand Costello’s total lack of input into the buzz that is surrounding his possible return to the Liberal leadership.

Its almost as if he wants to induce anarchy in the party but perhaps he knows something that we don’t – perhaps this is all about the best kind of publicity – the free kind – prior to the release for sale of his upcoming book.  I wonder if he will treat the people in his book, namely those with a political history with the honour and integrity that one would expect from his “Statesman” like demeanour – no he probably won’t.  He seems to be greatly amused with the uncertainty surrounding his future.

Personally – I cannot believe that he is interested in returning except to glory and success. The Labor party is there for at least two terms unless something happens to Kevin Rudd – at which time the whole Labor party leadership will disintegrate through lack of direction, leadership and political in-fighting – it is only Rudd himself that is keeping the credibility, goals and leadership of the Labor Political Government alive.

I have said before that Costello has a inflated view of his own importance – he said that if he had been leading the Liberal party at the last election, they would have won – this is rubbish – firstly he didn’t have the guts or the numbers to go for the leadership – that sort of response makes him sound as if he is still a child, although history is written by the victors – he cannot and does not fall into this category.

Costello is basically enjoying the moment – however the likely hood of he having the patience to sustain the leadership of the opposition for another two perhaps more terms is very unlikely, there not enough in it for him – especially with Malcolm Turnbull in the wings – but Turnbull has something that few others have – a first class brain, a strategic plan and patience – he knows he has time on his side.

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