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Age of Uncertainty

Yesterday I was killing some time and walked into a second hand book shop – I love exploring book shops – you never know what you will find..I found a book..It was meant to happen.


It has the following foreword..


“This is the age of uncertainty. This is the time of emotional upset and nervous instability. This is the era when man surveying the Universe from atop the heap of his material accomplishments sees his insignificance in comparison to the stars, understands how puny is his strength in comparison to atomic power. This is a time when man, in his headlong rush to master the elements and harness natures energies, has come far enough to know that he treads the wrong path to his own security. For there is no security in machines, or electricity, electronics or nuclear power.


What am I? What caused me? Why am I here? Where am I going? These are the questions of the human soul that demand an answer. Their resounding echoes are in the offices of our psychiatrists, in our prisons and our homes for the insane and wicked. Their anguished cries are on our battlefields, in our uprooted families, in every charred ember of every burned village and pillaged town that exists in the wake of humanity who have cut off their ties with God (the Universe) and from hope…”


Can you relate to this ?  I can!!


It seems that our anguish and needs have not changed much – this was written by U.S. Anderson in 1954!




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