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Obama – nothing lasts for ever

September 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since the first time that I ever saw Barrack Obama – there has been an uneasiness in my mind – it was very hard to articulate – but what I guess it came down to was is this guy for real – he has had a absolute rise from obscurity to a pretender to the highest office in the land and if the Democrats have anything to do with it – he will make it – but in this surface society of celebrity worship is there anything to him – any substance?

So far as policies are concerned there is almost no difference between Obama and Hillary – she lost , I think that is what happened – he did not win – as well the machine decided not to support her – and then the machine again wouldn’t unite the country behind the democrats – with the citing of Hillary as his running mate – a severe tactical error with resounding long term strategic consequences.  McCain capitalised on this – appointing a young bright woman . After being slapped twice – Hillary with all the dignity and integrity stood up and for the good of the party endorsed him – like I said there is some strange about him – but what else is it – he is confident – too confident perhaps – he is eloquent, with charisma a hint of Kennedy wishfulness. I looked into his past – I came across the following – in the year 2000, he was enormously proud of his work at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, in less than two years, it was dissolved after having spent over $100 million with nothing to show towards its stated goals of improving Chicago’s schools. He was tremendously proud of his 20-year history as a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ, until the years of race-baiting and anger from its head, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, came out – could this chink be hubris ? Herewith is the definition , Now he distances himself from both of these.

Obama was the absolute topic of conversation growing over time and expanding in a unbelievable capacity – then the Republicans announced Sarah Palin and almost overnight – it was almost “Obama Who”?  To me she appears as a real person – somewhat small town with small town values, but I go to think that she is bright and so long as she has the best of advisors from the real world, not the world of short term expediency – and in the event that she does make it to the highest office in the land – she will act in concert with this office – note – it’s fine for her to believe that America is the greatest country in the world – I think Australia is – but America has to learn one thing above all others if she want to leave any kind of legacy – what happens mostly outside of the borders of the USA is not their business, unless it directly – not maybe might effect the USA.

I am sure that every possible member of the Democratic machine is scouring every aspect of Palin’s life and every friendship from every possible angle – to try and dig up the dirt on her – such is the ethics of Politics – sadly not only in America.  Such is the fact that politics seems to attract the lowest common denominator at the top of the party machines.

Palin adulation is such a paradox – she is basically a no one politically – a Governor of a State of the Union – with a total population of around 700,000 – small when you consider Governor Schwarzenegger – of California with over 30 million – so there seems to a real a grand canyon size gap between what she has achieved in life and the adulation she is receiving.

So what has she got going for her – she is quintessentially normal (for a politician) – a normal woman – an apparently honest woman – one who will toughen up with exposure to the rough and tumbles of Washington, if she has what it takes to be successful – l I hope she will always retain her small town values – essentially very good – but its the small town innocence that concerns me.

The Democrats have to ask themselves a question – how can it be that one moment Obama is everything and then nothing – that I think is because he is an illusion with no real content.  You cannot sell a Presidential candidate like a brand – like a box of biscuits – there actually has to be something inside the box.  Now we hear that Obama has received up to $80 million in donations which he is spending on a TV campaign – but guys there still has to be something in the box.

It will be tough – but at the moment and as they say a day is a long time in Politics – McCain has a better chance of winning than Obama.

This is hard for me a I do not agree with the majority of Republicans policies and certainly not have they run down America – the dubious deals done – fighting a war – they shouldn’t be in to start with – I end with a quotation by George Orwell (Writer 1903–1950)  “The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.” – but sadly even though America and many other countries do not learn from history – they will lose this war – but they are still fighting it anyway.  Grow up guys and girls – go home, love and work hard to make your countries great again.

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