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Internet Content – There is no one in charge..

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Further to my previous blog entry – here

One day the content producers will start treating the Internet as an ally and not the enemy. Life is about change and the Internet is and has been challenging the old business models of the Multi-national content producers – the thing is the Internet cannot be controlled or governed.  Forgot the old ideas that you have to control all avenues of distribution – work with – and eliminate the problem.

The trouble with and at the same time the beauty of the Internet is that no one is in charge and therefore no one is responsible, so no one to sue. So in this case Viacom in their hunt for income – they say they are loosing – how they can quantify this I don’t know, so the content producers are going after the portal itself.  Which is owned by Google – sounds like it will be easy – a walk in the park – No I don’t think so.

The Internet is all about forming communities and the provision of information, normally free, we pay for this in our connection charges to our ISP & Telco’s for access, and the corporate world reaps its income through the results of paid online advertising

Viacom obviously does own the content and yes they have a right to control its presentation by licensing in the Media whether it be the old Cinema or monopolistic media, or by download via the Internet. But you cannot win this fight – does this mean you will attempt to take to court every single portal accessing the Internet that uses content such as video, audio or even script.

What they should consider – is to use the Internet and provide all of their content at give away prices, or funded by say advertising either within the content or via a YouTube type of control (where you cannot download). 

Some ideas…

For instance, what if you said to your audience on the Internet, I will give you the content for free on the basis that you sign up an account where I can target you with relevant advertising for you interests. This is TV on the net, I know that there are several companies that provide this type of technology for such a portal now.  There are a number of other business models as well.

What about digital control – where someone can download the content from the original providers site – and get to view it for say 30 days – after that it would no longer play – and they pay a  nominal amount to re-activate it or why not have advertising built into the downloaded content and you can get rid of the advertising by again paying a nominal fee. You could encrypt a license into the video content itself – therefore if someone then uploaded the content as above – you would have someone to hold accountable.  But whatever you decide to do, keep the operations and administration, automatic and the biggest of all – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID –  Administration on-line would be a breeze.

After all your business is the creation, production, distribution and licensing of content – so sell it – how, it doesn’t really matter, after all, your are used to dealing in quantity – in this case you are in a large numbers game – 10 or 100 million downloads at $1 or $2 cash or payment by licensing advertising still is serious money. After all what are your costs then for distribution per download, a couple of cents?

Please send all job offers to this address – 7fnmail@gmail.com – guys and gals grow up – law suits in this case are counter productive – but they do benefit one industry – the lawyers – they are basically the only people who win.

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