A Philosophy of Living

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We start off with all these plans and dreams about what we think we want – to make us happy, then life happens and we end up in a totally different place, with a totally new outlook, dreams and goals – as you move towards our destiny – funny that.

I have been approached to run a major Hospital in India – coming out of the media management – I would never have applied for this position in India – but the more I think about it – with my skills – the more I think about the concept the more I want to know. However dealing with India is not like business as we know it – a friend of mine qualifies his experience with dealing with India as a new introduction to patience.  He’s quite right – you send off a simple enquiry – and 2 weeks later you get a response – which doesn’t really answer your initial question – its worse than watching a really slow game of cricket, or watching grass grow – mind you I don’t really mind grass at all.

But I believe this is all for a reason – so I am content and will wait and see what develops.

The Universe is quite amazing – in the last year – I have taken to asking questions of the Universe whilst in bed just before I go to sleep – it works – well should I say its beginning to work.  My first question was to ask “Show me abundance” – and after asking for that night and the next… I had this most amazing experience – a dream if you like – but not a dream – its almost impossible to articulate the experience – but lets say I believe – all I say is be open to anything.  So now if I have a question or even need help I just ask – of course I do say please and thank you – not kidding here.

To a friend – who was having difficulty with Meditation – I said the following – In the beginning, Meditation is difficult – it is hard.  Just don’t try and quantify your performance – my suggestion would be to when you start, inevitably you will drift – your mind will start thinking about – “What colour will I paint the wall” – for instance – just let the thought come and go – don’t chastise yourself or judge yourself – just move on to the next period of calm..and after a number of attempts as time goes by – you will have longer and longer periods in the place – make sure that you are in a place of calm in you house – of peace and tranquility – or at very least a place of quiet – such a place will help you in these early days.  Soon you will be able to slip in and out of meditation as one moves into a new room in your home, whilst you are on the train to work, in a cab, please just don’t it whilst you are driving or in charge of machinery of any kind.

I purposely started my journey to this new place about 3–4 years ago, probably more, yes I believe I am the road to this….this, the how I am meant to live my life – it started slowly, but inexorably with changes in my outlook, my personality – I find that, I guess you could say I am often a peace and feel real contentment – I am still anxious about the future occasionally – but I have a simple way of handling this – I bring my thoughts back to now – you cannot live in the past about for instance what happened to you when you were a child, in you earlier relationship – bringing those experiences to today only amplifies the problems – just let it go, you cannot alternatively live in the future – if you do the future will never be – and it bring anxious thoughts of “what if” to you in the here and now – try to live and experience now – and let the thoughts of your future of past – just them go.

The things I have learnt most of all – is be patient – it normally won’t happen overnight and secondly any step forward – actually just any step, a shuffle – is great.

Actually even though I am so interested in this job in India – I have found that I am handling it better than I have in the past – by just not investing myself in it – I think about new people I shall meet – of a different life and then it go.  If it doesn’t happen, well I will move on and try again…. to learn more about the way I tick…

I am now ready for a new relationship – but again – I will not invest emotionally in it, until it is real – I cannot  live in the future of what might be, until it does – then I shall be living in the here and now, the present.

Remember be grateful for every second, be grateful for what you have, be grateful for your friends – then you are really moving forward.

If none of this rings a bell with you, there no fault or error in that, what works for me, may not work for you…  but you need to find out what does work for you…  you need to spend the most important single person in your future that you know – that’s YOU – give it time,  and you will find out what works for you…  don’t expect it to resolve overnight,  if it does great !

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