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Wall Street – Bail-Out or Buy-In

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well whatever way you cut it – this has to happen – or we will all find out what a depression is all about .. so I am still holding my breath.

A friend of mine from the USA – an extract of her email as follows:–

“yes the $700 Billion has caused a lot of malice, anger, frustration and it doesn’t seem rational to have candidates pulling back as congress decides how to pull our economy out. To me I would rather want someone that wants to roll up their sleeves and get the job done….”

I would ask does such a person exist anymore – I mean that can pull up their sleeves and get the job done – certainly in the ranks of politicians who live in a rarefied air of Washington where its all about how it looks and not about how it actually is – sometimes I wonder if politicians will do anything unless their decision is first checked by a polling organisation.. I got to admit that the next blog I am writing won’t make anyone too happy  – the congressman who are up for re-election are walking a thin line – of trying to work out what is good for the country and what is good for their own survival – I hope that err on the side of what is good for their country – Yes I know that 700 billion is not petty cash – (the Australian GDP is about 1,000 billion) –  it is almost as much as the Iraq War & Afghanistan see here http://zfacts.com/p/447.html– what I don’t understand – is that the British tried to conquer Afghanistan with the valiant 600, the Russians did recently – they all failed – now why don’t politicians learn from history? – and what about the fact that we all tried in Vietnam and failed – walk away with honour – and then put that money into Education, children (your future) Hospitals, Veterans Hospitals, roads and every other kind of infrastructure to rebuild America, and to pay of the debts.

I have this belief that all citizens of a country are akin to shareholders in a company – therefore it is essential that the country be run responsibly – that all efforts go to support our children and yourself via Education, Heath (free health – we almost have it in Australia) and to form a society where the benefits are shared to all people truly equally.

The age of greed is over – people just will not put up with it any more – I agree 100%.

I digress – Paul Newman – what a man – a man of honour who in my opinion did more to help the average person world wide than anyone I know of the modern age – he was a man an extraordinary man who never saw himself as anything more than ordinary. There but for the grace of God..

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