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Media, New Media: Convergence – is misleading

I wrote a paper about this – if you like I could post it here – convergence as a term with Media & New Media is misleading – TV and the mass media models will never be replaced by the Internet as they are effectively two separate markets – TV, Newspapers and cable including satellite are true mass media technologies whereas the Internet is not – and with the current pipes and technology it is not going to be – I am not saying here that the Internet will not have a effect on the media (old media if u like) because it will – any use of the Internet for access to entertainment or even other purposes whatever that might be – will effectively take away part of the market from Broadcasters – but not in the way that most people postulate – there are new technologies in place Using the next generation of interactive video technology and services, through the global adoption of the Real Time Content Media Platforms – this will allow potentially companies that I work with in New York and San Francisco to use their technologies and enterprise platforms for the formation of personalised TV channels on the Internet – targeted directly to you and hence paid for by targeted advertising.

I keep saying this – Old media needs to use the facilities of the Internet – for forming communities – to involve all viewers into supporters of a particular show or network – sort if you like like the old fan web sites – but in this case to actually involve them and listen to what they have to say.

Hard copy versions of Old Media, Newspapers, magazines will be hit fairly hard in the long term – but it will not obliterate the media – what may be the death knell for Newspapers as we know them, primarily me thinks due to the costs of distribution via costs of production and transport, printing costs and the long term backlash for Sustainability in all media.

Have a look here for the download of my original paper..however my views have changed from earlier this year as well – now I don’t consider the impact will be as profound.

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