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Wall Street

The financial disaster of Wall street is just stage one – the onwards reflections into the market as a whole are what really is going to put the cat amongst the pigeons – as well the 2nd level of CDO’s – Sub Prime Mortgages – that we all hope won’t hit the market as quite the disaster as its earlier sibling has done – if it does the American economy will go from recession to depression in the blink of an eye – of course if this does happen, it will create uncontrollable monumental flow effects right around the world as the whole world slides into financial chaos and severe recession or depression.                

The cost of living will go up – this will be due to many factors, including rises in the cost of primary products – transport – currency exchanges and one forgotten component will also have an impact – factories produce economically at a certain production output – those factories that are built to say produce something for $4, their products cost per unit will increase , especially in the areas of fixed costs as the output goes down due to slackening demand.  I notice on one of the US Television programs the other day, where some manufacturers were bringing our a box of let’s say some breakfast food – where the box looked the same size – but was marginally thinner perhaps , holding less but the same purchase price. What price do we pay for these practises, the loss of ethical behaviour, truth and honour – or is it as simple as just survival?.   

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