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Some time away….

Apologies for the inaction of the blog. I have been so busy working in the commodities trading side of the business that I have little time to notice what day it is as the hours, tumble into days into months.

We have been very involved with the commodities market…Petroleum market where we have been working on forward supply contracts for D2 (Diesel) , JP54 (jet fuel) and innumerable other fuels, products and lubricants…as well of course with our work in Gold

This new experience joins in my mind with the tales of my youth, this almost indifference for the fate of others…..when I was in primary school at a well know boarding school. It was winter – at the time, the only swimming pool which we had was an outside pool, and in winter there was this nice layer of ice to break through to get to the water (the cold…cold water) …and at 5am, this nice layer of ice would be right across the pool, well the older boys, including the prefects, used to chase us around the pool, grab us as they could and then trauma and abuse would ensue before finally throwing us in the pool to break the ice….to this day I hate the arrogance and the irresponsibility of their actions on kids (I was 10years old) towards someone they were supposed to protect.

It is this action, this irresponsibility towards their fellow man and woman, their fellow country men …that has placed the USA and much of the world in one of the biggest financial hole in living memory, perhaps in history…at this point in time it ranks second only to the crash…and yet its long term effects may be more profound than this and may leave us wishing for that time.

Lets encapsulate the effects, which we have been through on this blog before…severe constriction in the banking sector…100,000’s of highly qualified people out of work, and facing their own paradigm shift – those who cannot find work in their local area, will be forced to sell up…some at a considerable discount…which along with the sub prime disaster has led to a dramatic downturn, in the current realisable value (on paper) on their real estate – this again has follow on effects into their personal banking, especially if they are highly geared..

A severe down turn in the economy which will reflect in the downturn in retails sales in all aspects of the U.S. economy, with follow on effects into many countries through out the world, primarily with direct effect in China and other manufacturing economies throughout out Asia..and finally to those countries that provide mineral commodities such as Australia.

This is highly simplistic version of events….but quite a mess, so I will need to catch up on the news and come back to you with a constructive view on the matter.


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