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So where am I – really ?

I know I am mainly content, and that I do not normally get upset or anxious about the effect the world has on me.

Hmmm…… that’s not exactly true,  sometime when I don’t look after myself, don’t eat well, don’t sleep enough or don’t exercise …. it all hits me at once… and I know what I have to do to make things better for me…

Once I start meditating, sleeping and exercising and watching what I eat, things change for the better very quickly… occasionally I have this need to eat certain types of food…. sometimes lettuce, vegetables, or other green leaf vegetables which quickly get me back on the straight and level…. it reminds me of the times when I walked my dog, and he will stop and munch away on this piece of grass or the next… my body is saying I need this…. once you oblige .

Emotionally I am pretty fine… I read a lot, and write a lot, so most of the issues I have inside me to talk about end up here… on in the word-processor… it is amazing how therapeutic it is… there is somewhat of an emotional emptiness as this sort of life can be somewhat solitary… but when the Universe believes the time is right … I will meet with someone who I am to share my life with… if that never happens, well that would be sad, but I guess that would be all right to…

So I am going to think how far I have come… and come back here and talk walk it through – to see how much a belief in yourself, in your goals, in other people can lead to success… which of course I have not achieved in full in material terms as yet, but I am achieving in spiritual terms, for this I am happy.

So I shall meet you back here to talk about this in the future when it is the right time for you and for me.

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