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Civil War – in the USA ?

Civil War… or at the very least.. riots, political forces at work and severe unrest …. is it so unthinkable ? The thought that the seemingly most powerful country in the world would destroy itself … well quite frankly something profound and dramatic has to happen. Hopefully it won’t come to self-destruction – if it does what will happen to the balance of power in the world, to the once almighty US Dollar.. will we again similarly revisit the economic doldrums of Russia after the end of communism ?  But we may not have the Russian Oil and Gas Industrial complex to pull us out to a new beginning.

The end result of all this will be the forerunner is my view of a paradigm shift of how we live our lives…

The USA in areas is racked by ignorance, fundamentalism and extremism in politics, religion and morals. It ain’t what it used to be (or is it) … but again lets learn from history… can we this time please, pretty please. So what about the land of the free ? Some of these people (like us) who say they believe in God – but they kill for these beliefs, break every single moral law and commandment there is and still feel that they are right ? How can this religious fundamentalism exist is the land of the free ? How can secular religious Tax free organisations selling this right way to live – and then promptly do the opposite, these secular organisations use the influence of their media empires to expound and manipulate their message… how can these same secular enterprises who profess to be promoting the word of God, but are in fact corporations, looking to ever increase their income, now by manipulation of the very people that they profess to love – for what end, perhaps for political change for their own benefit…. to push the USA, towards a different kind of fundamentalism no better, in fact worse that Islam… because they are educated… they know what they are doing, and they should know better… and who is paying for all this…. Mr. & Mrs America… gosh this so astounds me. I know I have spoken about the famous credo …. of many “The end justifies the means”  in my view the end never justifies the means if those means are corrupt, immoral or illegal…. all such means achieve is to devalue the goal…

I am worried about Obama… he isn’t what he presents himself as… that’s all I can say… something make me uneasy…. but by popular vote (and for better or worse he was the only real pick in the Presidential election) I think Obama is the USA’s (and perhaps the world’s) last chance, the bi-partisan ship that is so obviously needed to get the USA back on its feet – isn’t working, probably never will…. because in these times of huge challenges to the American financial, social, military system which are being faced, there is a visible enemy in the USA…. it is called the Republican party, and how does it survive, by manipulating, (like any other political party) the ignorant, the uneducated, and who else I might ask…. its the old story… how do you win elections, by making people afraid of something, and then telling those same people who is to blame for it…

I wonder if you can accuse any political party of un-American behaviour, a behaviour almost to the point of treason… The Republicans …who instead of realising that they are basically the cause of this disaster, working actively to overthrow and derail every possible step forward… (frankly I have no input on what the US joking tell me is their political system)  … I know everyone tells me that ethics, honour and integrity are three words that are not in the political dictionary, to be replaced by spin, spin, and outright manipulation of the facts.

So how did we get here, how do we win elections, perhaps over time you bring together in front of the Television a group of middle-income, middle class people of all political persuasions and ask them to remember an easier time – then you say the reason things aren’t easy at the moment is because of “him, her or them”….. now this was easy when the Republicans were in power because a bigger bunch of incompetents in power I have never seen, it was all about ego (who benefited) and the way it looked, and certainly not the way it was… so now because the voter is a shareholder in their country, it doesn’t matter what country, so it works a little bit like a corporation, in that they cannot think in the long-term, (in the case of corporations, past their next reporting period) – remember I said only a little bit…  so instead of realising that there are always going to be difficulties – and especially difficulties left over after 8 years of Bush… Gosh what a man… what sort of legacy will he leave behind…?  if anyone will remember him, it may be this way, perhaps someone might write a book, about the highlights of how you don’t run a country, no responsibility, no truth, no honour, no financial responsibility, no support to you citizens or to your friends (look how they dumped the former UK Prime Minister….Tony Blair and now we have Gordon Brown…goodness.)… (unless they put you in power of course) the USA went from the friend of the free world … to the worst kind of hypocrite – the worst kind of tyrant as displayed by Abu Ghraib – by renditions, by kidnappings…the majesty that was once displayed by the USA after World War II, is now but a note in history books… but now, Afghanistan, IRAQ – and now the talk starts of Iran… As well we have the probability of a backlash from the actual citizens cannot be ruled out, the only way to change will be by non-violent demonstrations that will inevitably be responded to by violent means, as at the end of the day the only thing that Politician understand is violence. The United States, a country that is all about Capitalism, would use Public funds to bail out private companies … that is bad enough, but then not to hold these companies to account and replace the flawed management and put new policies in place to change the way they operate, and make them account for the mess they were in is beyond me … jobs for the boys … protect those who put us in power at whatever the cost .. again I don’t know, but whatever the reason there is something definitely off in the ethics and principles department of those in power in Washington.

Oh please, somebody help us. Why don’t we try… to help ourselves.

So back to the topic, I would like your comments please, why won’t the USA destroy itself ? From what is there now, through internal unrest, that could lead to Civil war,  please educate me… with the reasons such a thing couldn’t happen…. obviously I would never want such a thing to happen… but I believe unless the blatant political confrontation stops, its inevitable… where media, using the Constitution twist and manufacture lies – rationalise Republican errors – this happens not so much because the Public has a right to know… which is b/s – we are where we are because of the support for the political conservatism by the media with its warped view of the world… and if we cannot get the truth for the 6pm bulletin, let’s make something up… very difficult to do here in Australia because of the oversight organisations to enforce the laws (but they try) – but its done, and done successfully elsewhere.  Why are there suicide bombers, the majority exist because of the media, the effect of broadcasting this as news… it has such a detrimental effect of a countries psych i.. I am sure it has more power than a few nuclear weapons… now what if we didn’t broadcast such news… ? Starting in Media some 30+ years ago, I am pretty disappointed what political influence, the ratings push, almost no honour and integrity has done to the industry that I loved. So what in my view was the hey day of media, I am pretty sure that Edward R Murrow, to name just one must be turning in his grave at what the US News reporting ethics and honour and integrity now portray, and of course, not only the USA… Incidentally, I can also see Civil War happening in China and India, as soon as the marginalised forgotten people are educated and empowered enough, hopefully their change will come through political means… but I feel that the USA is pretty much a lost cause, unless the US political system has an epiphany – unless they start to work together for the good of the country.. and not for their own agendas..

Either that or there will be a mass migration out of America… or all of the above.


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