Being a whole person

A little voice inside of me …. came from afar… from a really good friend … who has quantified something that has been growing inside of me for years… in essence “feelings” which allow you to live in the moment… in the now… isn’t that what we all need to do… live for the moment… it is far better than to live in the past, or the future…..  to live in the now is my goal…..  but most of all, I want us to feel the impact on others of our thoughts and actions … when we use our force or manipulation to hurt other souls or to hurt ourselves or Gaia… all of these actions we do for expediency (with the supposed hypothesis of “the end justifies the means” – the end is never justified by corrupt, un-ethical or means without thought or honour) or to shore up the insecurities in ourselves, but surely, as with all misdeeds we inflict on others, by the very nature of Karma, such actions will always come back to bite us, as they should.

Remember there is a bigger picture…. and everything that happens is not always about you.

Really I just want you to think…  do think before you act…. to that end I would like to present you with a talk from Eve Ensler by way of Ted Talks… I hope it at least makes you think…  if the embedded link doesn’t work, then please click here Eve Ensler Program

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