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Success with Moira Forbes

Liked this…. some really good sense about being successful… in running a company…. with regards to ethics, performance and mentoring and in particular with the most important asset a company has, its people… I also really agree with the view that as a CEO you need to be challenged….  you need to surround yourself with people who will challenge you… in short… such a protocol will make you grow and evolve and as an end result the company will be the “Best it can be”…

The idea that because we have always done things a certain way… (unless it is still working profoundly well… which I doubt) … this by itself is a good enough reason to investigate change….  you need to look at the alternatives to improve…. markets change…. technologies change… we change…. companies also have to evolve or they will fall by the wayside…  Change and Change Management (including views from all stakeholders) are essential parts of any organization…

Moira Forbes… Success Snapshots

(Sorry u need to sit through an advert, but I think it is worth it)

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