A brief view of the USA

Currently with all the necessary hype, the compromises and the deal making, the United States Senate looks as though they will pass the unemployment support and Health assistant bills as per the following link from USA today… but again we come back to the essential problem that we have with the USA, if they were a person they would be accused of a felony as they are writing unfunded cheques.

Who owes the US debt ?  China, Saudi, Japan..!  I guess I have said enough.

With the disclosed long term liability of the USA sitting at in excess of Ten(10) Trillion dollars and the Un-disclosed amount , probably ten times this. The USA is in all sorts of a mess.

Currently instead of an lessening of the unemployment rate, we have the USA getting worse, see the figures below (an extract) and the link to the Wikipedia information here

European Union European Union 9.3 %

Burma Burma 9.40 %

India India 9.50 %

Croatia Croatia 9.60 %

Hungary Hungary 9.7 %

United Kingdom United Kingdom 7.80%

United States United States 9.70%

Russia Russia 9.9%

France France 10.0 %

So much for the USA doing something constructive to resolve their problems, instead of concentrating of the income issue and increasing the amount of money coming into the coffers by putting people back to work – they have spent untold billions writing cheques for programs they have no way of funding without going further into debt… and making the strategic policy of the USA subject to influences from Beijing, Tokyo and Riyadh.  Meanwhile, those people that have traditionally supported free enterprise (I am not talking about the Republicans here) and are working all the hours that are possible to create a income, find themselves being taxed into oblivion..

Not only now, has main street paid the money to support the generosity to banks and corporate America (without it seems, any conditions) – now the disposable income, increasing the likely hood of unemployment becomes real to millions of Americans – but what are the consequences on the children… do they get the vocational or scholastic education they need to drive the USA back to a semblance of their former self, or will the USA make the mistake (if they haven’t already) of becoming a third world country.  The one measure of this in my view is the focus of the country on educating its citizens – currently too many people world wide have few prospects of employment. However at least it may stop the movement of jobs overseas to China and India… Yes I know, I don’t really believe that myself.

Because the real issue in the USA is the short term focus of the corporate culture, that they only think in 3 month chunks, they have no long terms view, therefore they are not investing in the future, by investing now.

More to come soon… or why there will be another financial crisis…  unless we actually do something to regulate the banking and finance sector.. many countries have, those that did, do not feel the effects of this ongoing financial crisis that we are experiencing…

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