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Age of Humanity

Andrew Carnegie , one of the richest men in history, was a human person who in the end believed in people, not just as a commodity – but the whole person.

Carnegie apparently said, “Take away my people, but leave my factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors……Take away my factories, but leave my people and soon we will have a new and better factory.”

Is there a typical large corporation working today that still believes this?

Most organizations now have it backwards. The factory, the ROI, the infrastructure, the systems, the patents, the process, the manual… that’s king. In fact, shareholders demand it.  I have said this before, we have to revisit, what the KPI’s of an organisation should be… right now it is the legal and judicial responsibility of the board and C level people to make sure that the performance is measured by increasing shareholder return.

Is there another corporate structure, another way to carry out commerce which will mean a change in how we measure success…  too something that is more meaningful ?  Can we modify the current structure to arrive at a meaningful structure… any ideas… I thought of modifying what we have all the way to something between democracy and perhaps sociocracy .. I will address this in another blog article

It turns out that success these days is coming from the atypical organizations, the ones that can get back to embracing irreplaceable people, the linchpins, the ones that make a difference. Anything else can be replicated cheaper by someone else.

We need a new way of looking at old problems… perhaps the new generation can do this.  With their un-biased point of view, their brilliance (I hope), ingenuity and fresh viewpoint of the new generations, to will be able to look at our current structures, and come up with new ideas and  ways of looking at the world’s most pressing problems, such as social equity, financial equity, food, shelter, clean water and energy and some way to stop the rape of our planet without responsibility in pursuit of the almighty dollar – without considering the next generation, or the effect this has on us.

A new curiosity is needed in our approach, to change our view of the world, our social structures, our political systems, our responsibilities to a more collaborative, less individualistic view point.

We need to be able to work smarter with what we have.  As Einstein observed … “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them“..   We need to think outside the box..

All of these things will take years, perhaps generations, but I feel that in my life time we will see the visible start of the necessary changes – I believe we have seen the first signs of this, for example, just for a moment think back to Bosnia, Afghanistan & Iraq – in the time of say Alexander the Great or Napoleon… would they, as the UK and other European countries did, this quasi alignment of sovereign states sent in military missions – their function was TO SAVE LIVES… I am sure that there were points for this that were hidden, those hidden points are not so altruistic or hidden with the invasion of Iraq.

However this greater dispersal of social equity and sharing the assets of the world more equitably, cannot be implemented with the current political structure in place… there are very few responsible, equitable and transparent political structures in place, very few in the so called civilised world, and almost none in the rest of the world.

In a way this is why I am doing what I am doing, by creating wealth, I am seeking to be a person who can incorporate a structure whereby I can be a catalyst, a singular part of a whole, a simple foot forward, a part of a world wide movement to move away from the the selfish pronoun of “me, me, me” to more one of “us, us , us” – the us being all of us…. including the planet.

Over the coming generations, the ethics of Governments will change (they hopefully will find some, along with truth, honour and transparency)  perhaps as new people join these political organisations –  personal financial gain will not be the primary motivator,  armies will be made redundant, money as we know it now will cease to exist…. as we move further into the Age of humanity, which will be stamped by curiosity, new inventions and creativity.

The Political system is broken, this is self evident around the world, a new era of consultation and humanity will evolve (this will take longer …), but not if I could blink my eye…and most of all.. I would like to believe that all people with live in a honourable, ethical way with a place in their heart for their neighbour…. next door, in the next suburb or across the world.

However that may be the goal, but whilst it is a goal on the horizon, in the mean time we live in the now, and we have to shuffle forward every moment of every day so that one day we will all be of the same mind set to make those changes ourselves… any attempt to force changes, will again be corrupt, as it will be driven by self interest.

An impossible dream, an Utopia, a Shangri-la –  no, I hope not… if there are enough minds wanting it, we will manifest it.

This brings me to one of the kinder gardens for these new thoughts. The Singularity University (www.singularityu.org).

I wasn’t aware of the actual organisation… until very recently, however to me it seems an excellent concept, an organisation to extend our commitment to the age of Aquarius.. to express our commitment to the whole planet and all of its people…

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