Australian – Politicians

Do you think the Australian Political system actually has any people in it that think of the implications of what they do or talk about… let alone the effect it has on the citizens of the country that have to live with the very boxed thinking…. lets start with the Liberals – the Conservative Opposition …

Abbot …. surely he is out of time and place… is there any lights on….to me his thoughts are not thoughts they are the ramblings of a man without anything going on about the implications of the outcomes of what he says…

Now I have little interest in our Political movement, as to me it is all about egos, testosterone and expediency… and spin. Ethics and accountability well, I am sure they cannot even spell them let alone live with them in life,

Abbot… said quite openly (his brain must have been on holiday that day) – not to believe everything he says… what a surprise ? For a Politician to say that… they all seem to run off at the mouth, with no regard to the implications of the effect on people who are already victims, who are already marginalised and used basically as a safe target for political rhetoric, namely the unemployed, the under privelaged and of course those people who want to call Australia home…

Of course the fact that unfortunately the train of thought has some appeal in the general public is what is sad about this (u know they have to blame somebody, why not the defenceless) … I have friends who are unemployed, one who has post graduate degrees and “C Level” experience has been unemployed for 30 months, one in particular has applied for everything from being a store man up to and including jobs that he would be ideal for, but no takers… he is in the 50’s, and one knows that it is because of his age, that is all it can be, discrimination which is well and truly illegally is alive and well in all of its forms in Australia…

Note to Labour – KEVIN 07 – what a disaster this guy and his political followers are… he I have been informed wants to control everything… has power gone to this guys head… Yes me thinks it has… it would be so bad if he had some people in his staff who actually had a brain (beside one that is that is visible … Julia Gillard to me has the stuff )

Now to Swan – our Treasurer … Oh goodness, I really hope he finds what passes for good financial strategy for the country in the unfocused political wilderness, they had plenty of time to come up with a strategy well they did, let destroy what we have, and they historically do it so well – spend money and they are bad financial managers – Australia has been insulated from much of what is happening in the rest of the world by the mining sector, so what does Labour do attack and try to kill the goose that lays the golden egg… the Labour party does tend to forget one thing, the BHP Billiton , Fortesque  and Rio Tinto are multi nationals, they are almost sovereign states in and unto themselves. They will take their money and go somewhere else …. if it gets too bad they will take their whole operation off shore and move to a more favourable financial location.. … and then ultimately move the entire head office…  I wonder if there are any lights actually on – in the offices in Canberra when they formulated these strategies … or was it a monumental pin the tail on the donkey with their eyes blindfolded…. seems that way to me .

Now we come to Senator Conroy, the Communications Minister… extremely bad idea to introduce censorship in Australia… aside from the fact that a filter will not work… again we have made a half thought out decision without thinking it through… think of this… once you install a filter… how do you control what it filters… we will end up like China… who are not allowed access to the “truth” because their masters don’t want free thought… we know at the end of the day … China will put down these tyrants… we cannot allow any filtering of the Internet.  If he wants to filter, have them put a per user, or per client filter at the ISP’s… or have a filter one can subscribe to… Conroy, stop acting like a child … who cares what Google has done… they are not going to censor Australia’s information…  its called displacement …  you are pissed and need to take the focus off you.. so lets blame someone else, who isn’t even in Australia… spin… politicians are all good at it… too good.

OK I have had my serve…. I guess the trouble is … the Labour Party is terrible… if Rudd doesn’t injure his health by taking on this way of running a company / country… its called realising that other people have brains and give them control over their departments… are you controlling what sort of biscuits they have a tea time as well… learn to delegate Rudd… so perhaps things will get better when Gillard become PM… I would rather that given the financially incompetent Labour party without anything that approaches a positive or a constructive thought another term than to give Abbot the keys to the country.

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