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RSPT Changes – is this Government having a Blonde Moment?

The RSPT… I of course do not cast any slight against blonde’s in general who are far more intelligent than the players in question, namely Rudd and Swan

From Rueters (with a staff reporter)

Swan says country will unite behind RSPT

Meanwhile, Treasurer Wayne Swan says Australians will come to support the RSPT, given the need to boost super, build new infrastructure and help small business.

“The country united behind stimulus and we’re confident that in the fullness of time – despite all the argy bargy of recent weeks – they will get behind these plans for a stronger economy as well,” Mr Swan said in a speech in Brisbane.

“I’m not going to pretend this debate has been easy, but it’s a debate I welcome because it goes to the core of our prosperity in the Asian Century.

“It’s really important we have this national debate and every view gets aired as we work towards the final detail of the policy.”

Like I said …  I keep saying this about Swan and Rudd… are their any lights on in Canberra… blonds as well as being more fun, have considerably more intelligence that these soon to be “former” members of the Australian Government..

Swan and Rudd … will be the first players at their level… I was going to say calibre (wrong), to shoot themselves in both feet …. I wonder if Labour wants to get re-elected… if they do … some tough choices by the back room boys need to be done and done quickly…. it proves again that the Labour party has NO concept of Business or their irresponsible rantings into the market.  Changing the sovereign playing field after miners have made their investment is the worst form of governance… retrospective taxation is a totally cowardly and irresponsible way for governing … of course if they had made these changes only for future projects they would have earnt nothing as no future money would role in as the International miners including Australia’s own will look for greener pastures – including moving Billions of dollars out of the Australia market … to a more amenable legislative and tax structure… I wonder if there is any room in Monaco..? and there are plenty of countries out there who would welcome the miners with open arms – the other downside from this as all the employees in those countries everywhere but Australia will not be paying their taxes to Australia…. dumb.

Now all that needs to happen is for the Sword of Damocles to fall on Rudd and Swan and Australia can move back to reality – without the RSPT  …. do that or Labour could spend the next 13 years in the wilderness.

If it doesn’t and they get this legislation through the house, it will not hopefully get through the Senate …  however… Bob Brown also has been known to have his blonde moments.  They won’t use this for a trigger for an early election as they , the Labour party will lose.

If they don’t come back to reality, then Julia Gillard would be hopefully be the first Australian woman Prime Minister… who hopefully can think without testosterone and ego getting in her way… so long as she remembers that she is governing for all of Australia, and not just those of the Labour persuasion… the “Them and Us” attitude is the biggest single reason why this world is not pulling together…. The only down side of the alternative option is that if we have a new government, then perhaps Abbott may be the new Prime Minister… hmmmm…. the man who said in Public not to believe what he said.. sometimes… please define sometimes… can you put up a sign please.

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