Election Status

Well its now two weeks on from the day of the election and we still do not have a government who has been elected by the people and declared by the AEC as having enough seats to form an Government (76 needed).

Even when there is a resolution to this impasse… whoever gets in power will NOT have a mandate to rule… it may get onto the business of government… but I doubt if anything even that is remotely controversial will get up… which is a good thing and a bad thing.

The outcome if neither side can form a government is we go back to a new election, to try again.

The day is gone of any party to have a clear mandate from the people… we have now joined the fate of all Westminster based governments, running minority governments… further proffering the minority agenda based members looking for results for their electors.. this is healthy.

I really don’t know why the Greens are so aligned with the Labor party, party, they should be there to do what is best for the environment… they should be independent of the government… not aligned with either party, obviously a deal has been struck, the strange things occurs to me, what makes them think a political party will keep their word, and secondly if Labor is not elected, their relevance in the House of Reps will be about as relevant and influential as the spotted anteaters society … ie none… talking about marginalizing yourself.

Mind you, I could never be a politician, I believe in truth, ethics and honour and a belief in helping all Australians and all members of the world where it is possible.  I am afraid I have none of the attributes of a politician, where many have nothing close to these personal values.

That is the result of the respective party machines, that control the agenda of the party, if I was ever elected, I think I would last one to two terms and it would be my intent to vote for what I believe in, regardless of the party. The outcome and the result for the betterment of Australia is how I would be the basis of my decision, not what a party thought I should do.

All members should be independent of any political party, this seems to be the only way to forge anything that approaches the ideal of freedom of thought in a real democracy, the only proviso here is that the politicians would have to have a real inbuilt value system, and a need to work for all Australians and to leave the world better off than they found it, now there’s an ask!  Within the current political environment (anywhere) that sounds an impossibility.

Here is something for you to think about… George Bernard Shaw once said…

Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

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