Australia: Politics

Well it seems that we have a sort of new Government, well sort of, something like a Claytons drink –  the Government you have instead or having a Government.

Cannot see the reason for the swing –  but as I said yesterday, the reason for the swing to this sort of pretend Government is beyond me… they have an legal but unworkable majority of one seat… so out of 76 members … if one is away for what ever reason… or if one of them dies (God forbid) … the Government will fall…

Hardly a mandate from the people for change… or even anything that approaches effective rule.

It’s strange really… more Australians actually voted for the opposition –  well it means at least that they may, be able to deliver of promises they made to the new political so called independent (now aligned with Labor) member of Parliament, and of course any payoffs to those who were quiet during the election.

One thing that did come out of the election and the coup d’etat, I am speaking of the political assassination of Kevin Rudd is that loyalty and ethics of the Labor party to a duly elected and sitting Prime Minister  is zero… perhaps Julia Gillard should take notice of this, for her own future as well as the implications of this despicable act on the credibility of anything that comes out of the Labor party or its leadership –  they are there for themselves, end of story.

Never mind they will continue to self destruct.

The future of any Government is now under question, all of this lack of integrity, running the country on the outcome of poles, but instead of actual having an actual  leadership is not even the issue, if they were half way competent and knew what they are doing that I could live with… how about we, the Australian people bill the respective Governments who made the decision (the actual idiots who screw up and their political parties) for the costs of their screw ups… perhaps with the School building Program and the insulation fiascos now a well and truly documented financial disaster.. the Labor Party would be Bankrupt… great idea… great for the actual accountability to the Australian people.

Then we would be a new idea, everyone would be independents working for the betterment of their own constituents, not the corrupt system we have now… called Democracy, lets define Democracy… Princeton University say it can be defined it as “ the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group” –  well it seems in Australia the majority voted for the party that is not the Government.

Another thought, how about we have a referendum –  the topic… West Australia to cede from the Commonwealth… I’d move there tomorrow… the people in WA and the NT are a different breed as a whole… a likeable bunch…

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