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A thought for you …

I like to wander around book stores, especially second hand book stores –  its amazing what you can find … for me it is a good way for the Universe to lead me in a new direction.  Once when I was there I was muddling around and a book literally jumped out at me, it is a book that has and continues to have a marked impact on me…

Its old, but worth the hunt… so please check out the following book if you can find it…

Three Magic Words
U.S. Anderson
Copyright 1954
ISBN 0–87980–165–4

Good hunting … its really worth the experience, and it will if you are able to relate to it… it may take you in a new direction, and open up your spiritual world.

Remember, when you find something that perhaps sparks your interest and curiosity, it will be the right book for you to read then… perhaps not this book, but another –  so why don’t you go for an explore with the Universe and see where it takes you.

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