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Warner Brothers & Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1

I have been told that a limited length watermarked copy of a new theatrical release has appeared on a torrent site, and it strikes me as very fortuitous that this content ( well the first 36 minutes anyway) of Part one of the latest Harry Potter film, the Deathly Hallows has been uploaded, it can only work to the advantage of the producer.

If Warner Brothers are in anyway involved in this marketing ploy, one has to congratulate them for finally realising that the internet is a tool, and can be an ally,  so why not use it as a partner …  and to their advantage –  in my view the long term viability of the traditional content producer could be described as a sunset industry … so if they (Warners) were driving this, then, you guys and girls, congratulations again. Please get with the new technology, and take advantage of it. I am sure it will be to the producers advantage and enhance your sales, especially after the interest, that this internet upload will generate.

If Warners and many others want to have a long term life, I would suggest that they generate a future relevant Strategic goal, in line with the 21st  Century, build their operations plan and again become relevant to the market.  If they don’t they may make some great entertainment, but they will go the way of Polaroid and be as relevant to the future as is the last manufacturer of bull whips.

Start living for tomorrow and stop living in the past.

just a thought !

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