The Australian Greens Party

Firstly from the Paul Sheehan article here

The Greens names does not properly describe their brand. There are not enough letters of the alphabet to encompass the brand differences between the Green brand and the reality of what this party is perpetrating on the electorate. It is simply not a party preoccupied with the environment.

My thought would be to re-brand their culture something along the lines of their points on their own statements about governance .  Perhaps a more appropriate name might be “Green Labor” or perhaps “Green dreams” or ?

Mind you they are politicians, all of them from all parties, and we all know we really cannot believe a word they say, as 5 minutes later they would have gone in a totally different direction and be equally vehement about their new position, also did I mention that they also have conveniently short memories.

Check out their website and their policies to see how far away they are from your thinking ….. their ranting’s  frankly scare me … but I am just one ……  see if I am still one after you have read them.

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