Halla Tomasdottir: on Ted

This women makes sense…. lets try to take the testosterone and the good old boys club out of making investment decisions or perhaps business decisions in general.

Her profile is here

She follows simple and sound business rules as follows:-

1.     Risk Awareness –  won’t engage if they don’t understand the deal, I ask you who could understand those “securities” the basis of the sub-prime disaster

2.     Straight Talking –  Simple language and explain the upside and the downside …  ethics, honour, integrity and transparency to me

3.     Emotional Capital –  note that people make money and use money

4.     Profit with principle –  decisions made based on these clear principle, and less based on the male herd mentality (she didn’t say testosterone, I did)

Makes sense guys –  how about we all listen to this –  make a long term commitment to a sustainable investment, and stop worrying about this 3 month reporting cycle.

Perhaps the idea of making investments in line with the triple bottom line, economic, social and environmental could be a lesson we all could learn , even some so called sustainable banks we all know.

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