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Socrates Fundamental Principles

My aim is simplicity and therefore clarity.

I came across a happenstance, a link to my childhood, and a time when philosophy and ethics of living were a integral part of my upbringing, that moulded my character, my values and therefore my integrity – in other words all that I am.

Socrates’ fundamental principles

P1: We must always act on the basis of good reasons and good reasoning, not out of fear, mere self-interest, etc.

P1(a): We value the opinions of those who know, not the many

P1(b): The principles on which we rely must stand the tests of time and change of circumstances, and the conclusions we draw from them must be ones which we can be constantly faithful.

P2: It is not enough to live; we must live well, nobly and justly.

P3: We must never do wrong willingly, even in requital.

P4: We must always keep our agreements, provided they are just.

You know looking at these Principles, I do not think our current society complies with one of them .. not even close.

  1. August 21, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Outstanding! Most people would think that you’ve exaggerated. That is… until they observe a single day of their lives and those around them.

    We realize then what we’ve suspected all along as you say:

    “You know looking at these Principles, I do not think our current society complies with one of them .. not even close.”

    Then it’s up to us individuals. 🙂 I’m in.

    Thx again.


  2. David
    August 21, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Peter, Thanks for stepping up. But I would say that it is and only ever has been up to each of us as individuals to influence change, even if only within our own lives. If the only thing you can do is to change you own behaviour then that too is a step forward for society as a whole. These basic principles of Socrates would lead to a better society as we as a culture come to terms with the death throws of the current flawed paradigm.

    We all know that there is only one constant in life and that is change, and the only thing we can control in this life is our choices, and these are generally based on our values & upbringing. These become manifested in our overall attitude to life.

    As I said, this is a transition to a new reality in business and life. I wonder if that will mean that our children or grandchildren will look back on today and wonder how did they live like that, where the common good of “life” is being so diminished by vested interests for money and power – little by little, until now there is so little of the moral base envisioned by the founding fathers that America and most other societies are not based on equity in any form … I am not talking about socialism, or any other ism .. just basic human rights envisioned in that document over 200 years ago that changed the shape of the world – however those altruistic goals have not been reached and will not be reached …. now money and power is the only motivation … now the USA has gone through the growing up phase, through adolescence to the point in time were the Republic was compromised for empire to the point now, that the country and the paradigm that affects us all are in sharp decline … now the USA reminds me of the UK after world war 2 … we can all make a difference in the transition.

    I would disagree when you say on Twitter, that you are not here to change the world, you are and have by putting your hand up.


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