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Setting The Scene


This post should really have been before the previous post, as it sets the scene for the series that I am creating, in other words the mess we are in, so let’s …


Change is inevitable, but it has to be the right sort of change, that builds, not change that tears down and destroys for its own sake.

How does one try and encapsulate the unenviable position we find ourselves in, with failing systems and structures surrounding us, showing us the reality of the failure of our existing way of life, which we have been party to creating with our flawed values and beliefs.

To try and find a way back to, we need to look at where we went wrong. To me I believe we are valuing the wrong things. When we should be living our life based on values and principle, so in response, perhaps we should be looking at changing what we currently value to those such as the Socrates Principles – or similar – we need to seriously look at this now, as our lives are in systemic collapse, as Gandhi and the 7 Dangers to Human Virtue shows – both of these pages are on this blog. At the moment we are fulfilling none of Socrates Principles and all of Gandhi’s 7 dangers to human virtue.

So going forward, the only way I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for human kind, is to change what we value … perhaps it is too late for the mature amongst us, but if we move quickly, perhaps we can still save the future, by changing what the next generation values.

Back to the present:

There should only be one reason for the existence of any organisation, working on the assumption, that the said organisation wants to survive. The organisation, should be focused on one simple thing, to create, nurture and continually invest in the positive experience, in other words to delight their customers with the great brand experience of their products of services.

This goal is the same, whether we are talking of the United Nations, to Governments to Legacy organisations to the local service station, as without the support of the customer, the survival of the organisation, however it is defined is doomed.

Most textbooks, offer a wonderful analysis of how companies should operate, little of which translates into how they actually do operate, as the only reason that organisations operate at all is because of relationships within it, and how it relates to the rest of the world. To me, that organisations operate at all is not because of the management structures that are in place but more often than not, in spite of them.

We see the daily disasters in the News, which are so evident of the failure of our current way of life, perhaps we should reflect on the quality of the people at the head of our countries, our public organisations and private companies, who I believe are not up to the task before them, as they continually make flawed decisions to support and maintain the status quo, when the reason we are in this structural and financial mess is because of the flawed values that brought us to this point, that is now the status quo, primarily that of the leveraged pursuit of the myth that is continuous growth, in a finite world, such a concept is a nonsense.

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