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The Leadership Vacuum and the human cost of Political rhetoric

I have been observing the way the Australian Government has been “communicating” if that is the word for it … about how their policies are affecting Australians. I have come to the conclusion that they truly are Politicians, and they have zero idea of how to run the country now, or in fact how to prepare the country for the future … without a mining bubble … I am sure that the Politicians will not even comprehend how this change will affect us … their motivations are flawed, and had little to do with anything but my their own agenda’s

It would be nice for once to hear an objective truth come out of the mouths of a Government member … lets face it political parties are only about one thing, and that is about staying in power … normally this would infer that they would listen to what the vast majority of Australian are saying … they are not … instead we have a flawed leadership, including Gillard , who has no personal honour or ethics and Swan, well Swan … I don’t know how bright he is but he has no integrity … as every time I hear either of them talk, I just wonder why they bother, because like the majority of other Australians, we stopped listening and caring for what they think years ago now … especially after they lied bare face, and just expect we are going to accept it … how can we ?

Now I have voted for the Australian Labor party in the past, as any strong government for Australia needs to have a viable opposition, to keep them accountable … at the moment, there is little to differentiate the two sides of Government …. both of them seems to be on the side of money … and that seems to be the only thing that is important to them, well that’s not to bad, but it is in that thinking where Governments of all nations tend to miss the point of why they are actually there …

In my view, all the people within the country, the citizens are in fact shareholders … they should be there to share in the good times, and the not so good times, but it would be great if the political parties actually took any of this into account … except of course when it get’s closer to election time – but this time the Labor party has almost no chance at survival … with a current 28% approval rating … they may disappear from the political landscape as a viable opposition, which although this is tough, it is justifiable payback for their incompetence and irrelevance – however all countries actually need a viable opposition – sadly Australia won’t have one for perhaps 10 years, if at all.

Going on from where we are now, the Lucky country is going to run out of luck quite soon, with the inevitable economic slow down world wide that is even now obvious, the demand for our minerals will decrease markedly, and then what will we have ?  … aside from the mining sector, the Australian economy is in a mess …. it is a two speed economy … one speed, the mining sector seen as the saviour, but in essence it is anything but, what use will it be when there is no one to buy the product – because they have no one to sell their manufactured product to … of course long term, how are we going to transport the product … but let’s leave that for another time …

There is a huge loophole where much of the economy is driving through, where people are hired as contractors, for a fixed term, that way they treat them as a functionary, without having to pay them any of the normal employee benefits such as holiday pay or indeed Superannuation … this means because there is not certainty of a job next year leadership Vacuum and , none of these people can buy a house, indeed my son, said to me the other day, “Dad I’ll never be able to own my own home” – indeed a sad reflection of our times.

The true unemployment statistics are probably double what they show, because they don’t include the thousands who cannot get a job (and are not registered), those who have chosen to educated themselves, or of course those  who have just given up ..

We have all this talk, no action within a strategic plan to prepare us for our soon to be ever changing reality, as such Australia, has no idea where it is going, we are in fact in a leadership vacuum –  being “led” by flawed and failed personalities –  who do not learnt from the past, and have no empathy or understanding of what “life” is for the average Australian …

Let’s look at Prime Minister Gillard’s salary … from the attached link, http://bit.ly/QdS2RC you will see she is paid more money than President Obama of the United States, and Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany and indeed twice as much as Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom … how can this be justified ? I mean if she and in fact most politicians were paid for results, she would, and in fact almost all politicians would owe us money … I guess that is what I find really difficult to understand is how these political animals who know nothing about actually living life, in fact have never lived a life in the real world, have a career as a politician, with no down side, they have little to no idea about the life the average citizen has to live, this makes them arrogant, out of touch statements about how wonderful the country is doing, what they are saying is how wonderful they are doing … but in essence if the attitude of politicians is altruistic and service driven then they should be paid no more than the average citizen of the country ? Now that would then weed out those who are driven to contribute to the country, rather than to their own kudos and bank accounts …

Before the end of the decade … we will not recognize the lucky country … the mining economy will no longer be the magic bullet, but by the then what will we have replaced it with, even if we can feed ourselves … which I doubt … this is what happens when you value money and not your most precious asset, the people you have within your country … what we would be focuses on is ways to fully utilize all our people … for the benefit of all our people … a paradigm shift, that may not be even contemplative now, but then once the change comes …. then it will be reality, and not just a possibility –  then we will have no choice …

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