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On the Edge — Preface and Index

I am looking at the current state of America, as a visible example and the trend setter (good or bad) for the direction our paradigm of the Western world is heading. One cannot but reflect on the devolution of what was once the home of the brave, and land of the free, for now that is just a memory, but perhaps it is one that can be resurrected and renewed, if there is the courage and the Political will.

The index is as below:

Preface and Index – for my series “On the Edge of the Abyss”is here

Part 1  - A Paradigm of Control — here
Part 2  – Retail and Consumerism — here
Part 3  – Politics — here
Part 4  – Beliefs — here
Part 5  – Media — here
Part 6  – Control & Propaganda — here
Part 7 – Cultural Division, The Media, Judgement and Projections – here
Part 8 – Consumerism and Minimalism – here
Part 9 – Humanity in 2018 – here
Part 10 – A Path to understanding and dialogue – here



Such articles will include Climate change, perhaps the most powerful weapon of mass destruction that humanity has ever created, Environment, Energy, Water, Food and the omnipresent agendas to manufacture wars!

IntroductionSince 9/11 the decline of America (and others) has become mired and pronounced in areas of control, the sacrifice of the Public good for Private gain, facilitated by the Government support of the Private sector. Since, a national strategy of control, conformity and aggression (a warfare mentality), all these have been marked and profound, all these reactions come from fear, not from strength.

It may be spurious to draw parallels between the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and the ongoing destruction of the American Republic, but let’s have a look at this. By its very nature this is a ongoing project, here we begin with an overview. I have used many resources in this brief analysis, the first post of a series. For History reference, the 3 Volume set of Edward Gibbon treatise on the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, the recent — “The Rise of Rome: The Making of the World’s Greatest Empire” by Anthony Everitt — for societies themselves — Jared Diamonds book .. “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” and “Republic, Lost” by Lawrence Lessing, chosen for its particular reference to America.

The omnipresent profound public face of ignorance of the Tea Party / GOP and its Fundamentalist ideology, brings Politicians to the fore who seem to be making a headlong dash to ignorance and the lowest common denominator. They may be being manipulated and through their ignorant inflammatory words manipulate the wider population, through playing up negatives, using quotations out of context, using fear, control, ignorance and denial (Climate Change, Women, and minorities rights for example). The apparent misogyny that men have any right to decide the path of women, especially their sexual rights, and the ridiculous obsession with Gay and Lesbian relationships; is a proof of their misdirection, everyone has inalienable rights to self determination, no matter their colour, creed, sexual orientation or religion.

Whilst I don’t believe the majority of people in Government in Washington and elsewhere are necessarily bad people (some undoubtedly are), there are too many that are under the influence of money that is in the wrong place (Lessing) with the expedient attitudes of many Politicians, this brings us back to the cesspit of the unintended and intended corruption that is Washington DC and some state capitals, the American Political system itself (and others countries I am sure) has been hijacked for the benefit of Wall Street and those who benefit from Wall Street — the inequity that this corruption brings is at the expense of the waste majority of Americans trying to make ends meet in main street, USA.

That the far religious right plunge towards fundamentalism is predictable, their mentality is tribal, judgmental, expedient and valueless — they are in love with the ideology, but have no faith (Pope Francis calls this as an Illness see here – they seem to have no belief is such basic religious precepts, such as forgiveness, kindness, understanding and compassion … instead they merely judge …many proponents of the ideology of “Christianity” cherry pick examples from the Bible, out of context to justify their rants — as it is now and way too many times in the past Christianity is used as a weapon to impose rather than to moderate and heal …. the irony must not escape you, what these limited souls forget is that Jesus said, faith is a private thing between you and God — and “love one another” was his major precept! — I can only think they haven’t read as far as the New Testament as yet, or perhaps the words do not suit their strategy.

In 1912 in the USA, there was a similar situation (Lessing) of the oppressive Influence of inappropriate money, it was overcome with a combined swing away from the conservatives to the progressives, when they captured 70% of the popular vote, in the then Presidential election — too late to stop the great depression … but a major outcome after the depression was the Glass-Steagall Act, an act that held that held financial markets in control — President Clinton passed a law which compromised Glass-Steagall .. it may be conjecture but many commentators argue that the repeal of the relevant provision of this act, led in part to the Global Financial melt down.

Positive change is possible, there just needs to be the will of society (not the current apathy and victim mentality) — however too many are distracted by tiny irrelevant problems that are used to divide and distract the nation … so much information, so much bad news, people become apathetic and indifferent, perhaps they think, what can I do? So the apathy extends to not bothering to vote, what those in control want.

It must be conceivable, that one day America may become something no one surely wants them to be, a liability to the world and its own people, rather than what it was (looking in the wider context mainly in the) a light for what was right.

My own view is that until the influence of money (intended or otherwise) stops, America is on a path to tyranny, the root problem is that attention to Campaign financing should be a priority.

The insatiable greed or the rich and their profitable corporations are subsidized, by the people … the only possible limitation to their unparalleled power is the once powerful Unions, which have been systematically weakened, (culminating in the Reagan era) that they cannot fight the Oligarchy and the entitled — for much of the middle class have no powe (they are slaves to the Corporations), as well Trade agreements worked for the Corporate masters, as it moved so much labour off shore, out of reach and protected geographically, the income from these are financially protected by Tax havens, thus evading the appropriate Corporate taxation — starving the USA of revenue.

Admittedly the overt power of the Unions in the past and the way that it was sometimes expressed through violence and intimidation (in Australia) also added to their downfall and the loss of membership (there are parallels with America here).

Remember every society in the history of the world has collapsed, ours will as well, the when is up to us. If the rich thought about the implications of this selfish strategy or tax breaks, low taxation, reducing social service nets and education all by the influence of the 1% .. they would understand it is this pursuit of more and more, is taking from the majority, who already have little, perhaps nothing — one day when families, these mothers and fathers have nothing more to lose, especially when they have lost hope that their children will have a better future, then you will have your revolution and the cocoon that the rich and the 1% have built around themselves with money, will not protect them.

I am an Australian, the reason I am writing about this is because the USA is a trend setter (Good or Bad) , and where changes bleed down to other cultures around the world, and unfortunately in this bad example, one of them is Australia. Already the fundamentalist ideology of the Tea Party / GOP is affecting decisions in Australia, through the influence of our Corporate masters, we need to learn from the American experience and stop it whilst we can.

The inequities are profound, the Machiavellian manipulation of Christianity, well Christian ideology, where just those cheery picked parts to further and justify the strategy — and rather than allowing the population to be informed, the media focus (for they are an integral part of the control strategy) are used to divide the population by directing the population to unimportant issues whilst at the same time running an agenda to further widen the gap between the rich and the balance, the 80% + of America that are in difficulty.


The percentage of the budget that goes to education is abysmal … America came to the forefront in the world by nurturing and expanding minds, not by controlling them. This strategy to defund Public education, it built around reinforcing a class system, by making the majority of the population poorly uneducated, only suitable for wage-slavery or the military, both to be basically expendable.

The charging of student debt at such high rates forces student (if possible) to join the very system that is oppressing them, this will perpetuate this system of control, all to pursue the myth of the American dream, or perhaps the nightmare of it.


Campaign reform must be an absolute priority, Politicians, many have an expedient value base (or none at all), that says the end justifies the means, they are controlled through their ego, their weaknesses and their aspirations which are either recognition and or power — they are influenced (intentionally or otherwise by contributions) and their own external validation and the biggest illusion, the pursuit of security and money and of course re-election.

The question — should there be career politicians? Should there be other parameters as well, like empathy, education, intelligence and integrity.

Influence — The progression of Government employees, including elected officials moving to K Street, and the Lobby industry influences decision by inappropriate contributions to campaigns or directly to personal wealth of politicians, either by direct funds or perks — here with the seed of the beginning of corruption and manipulation.

The lack of enforcement of existing laws to provide punitive and corrective action to stop the now seemingly fascist tendencies of government, Federal and in some cases states,Police

· Militarisation

· Values, beliefs, morals and legal training.

· Lack of appropriate education and training

The perception of the change from “Protect and Serve” ethos for the community, to an apparent them and us mentality — I am not a Policeman, so I am trying to understand this shift in focus. The situation seems most profound in the USA, where there are no effective limits on the availability of guns, nor any legal limits on their carry and sometimes usage (stand your ground laws) Some, not all Police (and some of the population) shoot first and reflect later.

Gun Laws — Surely a change in the law to minimize the 30,000 deaths per year which directly come from their easy availability and thoughtless use, premeditate and accidental deaths could also be looked at. Self defense is not included.

There is a huge number of Policeman that have honour and integrity and are compassionate and morality based, for them I apologise unreservedly, I am addressing here those that aren’t.

Religious Influence

There are truly good people in America, many evolved souls that think before their act, rather than react before they think.

Religion is being used (as it always has been) to create division and to control — the influence of Corporate Church’s and cults of all types where many are tax exempt, too many are only about the money — an area to examine is whether Churches who have this tax free status are indeed healing the world, and not dividing it, also Churches, whose only function is to accumulate money and influence should be treated as secular instruments and taxed accordingly.

Unfortunately when politics has become synonymous with religion it is merely a cynical manipulative deception, for the far right, I see has no faith in religion, again, they seem to be only interested in cherry picking quotations to manipulate it.


I frankly do not understand this issue at all. I can see how those in power manipulate the populace using fear (scarcity) , however it makes no sense, as all nations including all Americans, if you look into their ancestry all came from somewhere else.

There are other areas I will cover in the coming posts, the concept of Liberty and freedom — the Constitution — (Politicians and the Media re-writing it) — Continuous War — the total lack of care or compassion for returning soldiers, who sacrifice and suffer for America and then are seemingly deserted by it … many become homeless because of PTSD or other reasons associated with their service .. surely this cannot continue.

Rome and its citizens honoured their soldiers.


The consumption lead world economy, is dying, there is or will be no direction, no investment available or the will or engine to create the next. I would also observe that much of the world investment and decision are driven by theoreticians … economists … where no account is made in the calculations are made for the effect of their models of the environment, the pollution of water, land or air … these are regarded as externals and allegedly not taken into account … in my view this is more art than science and is in its application destructive of the planet on which we live.


Attention to be given to the way the USA projects power based on their alledged moral values through influence, but more often for Private gain, and control.

The Military, Industrial and Intelligence communities and Private armies. The Unaccountability of Politicians .. when they insist on it for other leaders as demonstrated by Nuremberg and more recently Saddam Hussein (Iraq) was held accountable, but those behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld / Rice / Blair are all jointly responsible for perhaps 300,000 + civilian deaths, yet they are all free.

I must be careful to approach these subject without projecting my beliefs onto it, hence If anyone wants to contribute or help me understand those things that I do not, then I welcome their input, or have any contrary thoughts to my current thoughts. I would welcome any constructive thoughts and dialogue that do not come from dogma, aggression or fear.

Is the future legacy of those who in the past defended to the death the Republic — to be forgotten, or will it’s future be hi-jacked and replaced by tyranny, a dictatorship or worse, a fascist autocracy, or will the well armed citizenry, who have had enough of the Politics of blame and inequality, when they are finally without hope for a better tomorrow, for their children, come together to revolt, or will the USA shake off this momentary aberration and continue to evolve and prosper — time will tell.

Perhaps I am an optimist; I believe the light of the founding fathers still burns within some Americans. They may come through the other side of this — if so they will be changed for sure, hopefully for Politicians, when the choice comes to exchange liberty for short term gain, they will baulk … and recede from the abyss.

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