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“Where we are, and where we are going” part 11 of the series

This is part 11 of the series, On the Edge of the Abyss …

Preface and Index – for my series “On the Edge of the Abyss”is here

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The future is not written as yet, so this article can only be my view of the situation, a perspective if you like. I feel we have reached a point of crisis, where we are perched on the edge of the abyss where a greater collective awakening is the only way we will ultimately survive, in other words wisdom, compassion/ empathy and reflection over greed, desire and the ego mind.

I assume that such an awakening is unlikely en masse in the foreseeable future, but I do believe it has already begun, but the souls are not of sufficient numbers, to support radical change, hence my perspective. Change when it normally comes comes via little steps over millennia.

On our home, we’ve have grown to be as an out of control cancer that plunders the planet, without any regards for the future of the planet or the life that it contains, we seek only humanities needs, with no regard for other life forms including the futures of our own. We are as a parasite without consideration for its host – unless we change we will kill the ability of the host to sustain human life.

There really is no other choice but to change, either a majority of us decide to change, perhaps by realising our terminal effect on the planet – or the Web of Life implodes upon itself and we all go the way of the dinosaurs as we change the planet irrevocably to the point that is becomes uninhabitable for us – it is not the end of the world, just the end of the world for us … Gaia will survive and start again to find a more suitable species to work with, to move forward.

The thing is that we cannot force ourselves to wake up, as waking up is a product of the evolution of the consciousness, not something that can be achieved by even a profound desire. It certainly cannot be achieved within the layers of constructs we have created on the earth to suit our needs and desires.

The progress of Change on what I regard as important issues, social equity, and laws protecting the vulnerable, pollution, all life and the planet, on our only home move egregiously slow if at all, basically because wild life, the poor and vulnerable and of course the environment have few lobbyists and advocacy groups also there is no or little money or political capital to be made (perhaps vested interests have also seriously road-blocked progress) for Governments, there are hard choices to be made that affect the status quo, our standard of living, for humanities approach, or at least their governments, appears selfish in that they seem more concerned about at least maintaining, their income, their possessions, their way of life that will inevitable be impacted it we take the necessary decisions … in many cases their stressors on their life seem to take their full attention, leaving no room for reflection hence rather than understanding the major threats to come that are already impacting their lives. Many are seemingly not concerned enough to do something even if it is to just remove themselves from the influence, more likely many are totally focused in just getting through each day … many believe the “leadership” has few ethics, honour, compassion, morality or intellect to understand the big picture, Like Politicians, all they see is themselves, their tribe, their peers and self interest creating their perspective.

For freedom and their civil liberties `perhaps because they don’t affect them directly … ( and when they do it will likely be too late) – perhaps they are so focused on living and surviving … but what is amazing to me here is that these topics of pollution, climate change and looking after the planet instead of plundering it, affect the future, a future where they and their children will live, so it occurs to me, will our descendants survive the planet and the climate we are creating for them to live in.

The Political Leadership in most sovereign jurisdictions is sclerotic, it is unaccountable, achingly slow and seems mostly about “Let’s just follow the “leader” not that the leaders themselves know where they are going, they seem to follow the path of least resistance, (remember leadership by Poll is not leadership … it feels more than public relations management ) but importantly the acquiescence and compliance to external influence, control, all manifested through propaganda, ignorance and manipulation is shaping their future and those of their children and their descendants, we are being lead into the abyss – all of these practises from “Governments” and the Oligarchs seemingly are directed to maintaining their comfort zone ideologies to eliminate dissent.

Although Climate change has been proven in science, this too have been hi-jacked by politicians as a belief system, not fact and so have become a opinion, a political football.

Large corporations wish to retain the status quo because at this point in time, they have a solution to a current problem or provide a product today – change would alter that. In the past, such people have controlled humanity through religion, through politics, fear and these days the use of debt, via consumerism, the availability of money. Remember one pays for debt with time, with your lack of true freedom.

What causes this reticence to embrace change that isn’t directly relatable to greed or money. I feel that The Ego does, the Ego is Made of Fear. All of the ego’s responses come out of fear. He / she who acts fearlessly, acts from their authentic self (which is different from the ego). The ego is your coat of armour; it’s what you use to protect your surface self.

Currently some nations appear to be in a rush towards authoritarian leadership especially in many of the largely leaderless highly politically partisan countries, such as Australia, the UK and of course the USA plus perhaps many others.

Humanity has been here before, as recently as the 1920’s, 30’s in Europe, now is it time for those members of the new world, to learn from the past, but sadly history shows us as a species we do not learn from history … Stephen Hawking said … “We spend a great deal of time studying history, which, let’s face it, is mostly the history of stupidity”, also G. W. F. Hegel said …. “But what experience and history teach is this – that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or have acted on principles deduced from it. Each period is involved in such peculiar circumstances, exhibits a condition of things so strictly idiosyncratic, that its conduct must be regulated by considerations connected with itself, and itself alone” from Aldous Huxley who said … “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.”

Now to today …. Very few Governments have a clear major mandate to rule – Australia doesn’t, the United Kingdom is in flux, the lack of definitive leadership and an inability to move forward out of the Brexit disaster.

The Covid 19 crisis has revealed along with the fragility of our culture, what is important, mainly the total lack of real leadership in the Western Democracies where the focus is on business not on the welfare of people…. the best country performances has come from those countries with female leadership, something I applaud.

Countries that are Theocracies or Dictatorships are seemingly freer to experiment and or invest long term in large scale infrastructure … the West is hampered by the ever-present gorilla in the room …. If we do “this” … will it work for us or against us in the elections, and of course getting permission for the projects from their backers may be the most telling part, the like of Corporations have a vision of about 3 months, not 5+ years let alone 15 years that would be necessary for major infrastructure projects, such as a new sustainable power system – as well the reason that Corporations don’t like change is that their operations have been designed to fill a need in the here and now, with a change , their own future Corporate profitability and that of their investments may likely be put in jeopardy.

For every subject or problem that the world faces, there is now little credible leadership from any source, we as a species merely stumble from problem to problem, few even acknowledges the existence of a global threat. People feel safer when they are not confronted with an issue like pollution or climate change …. they would rather ignore it and stubbornly hang onto the past when things were OK, (political organisation have been built around this) but this denies the cumulative affect of our actions in worsening climate change that comes from burning coal, running cars and our diet of other lives in the form of meat.

In my view Climate change and the resulting Global Warming is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction that has even been created. Its existence is undeniable … whether its total cause is man-made or not, it clearly doesn’t matter … we must respond and do what we can, for we must remember that the planet will survive, what is debatable at this point is will we and the majority of other life forms on the planet. Are we that selfish, for if we do not take action, then our children, our future families will pay for it, suffer from its effects, not too respond or to delay and obfuscate is selfish, irresponsible and unconscionable.  For climate change is not an ideology or belief system, it is a proven scientific fact – however politics has chosen to muddy the waters by saying that it is a belief system, an opinion instead, yet looking around at the weather and the accompanying changes is real …. It reminds me of the story of the frog, one that is put in very hot water and immediately jumps out and the one that is put in water that is slowly heats up … it stays in the water and eventually dies …. I don’t want that to be our epitaph.

If we look to the past we can see a progression as technology has changed many things, however the major type of products remains strikingly similar.

Arundhati Roy quote seems very apt as we move on – “You steal from the poor, you subsidise the rich, you call it the ‘Free Market’.

An effective Class system exists in almost all countries, stratified by money , things, access and power.

Conformity, domestication Energy Food Production Water Transport Waste and how to handle these are major problems, especially plastic.

Perhaps we should see opportunities for new industries in these problems. Corruption … Self seeking Conservatism ….

Seeking answers to todays and tomorrows problems by returning to the past.

Generally, worldwide, I see the active trend to the worst of Capitalism, especially predatory Capitalism taking us on the path to slavery and or Fascism … for without limits, in the form of legislation and effective unions, Capitalism has created a two-sided paradigm that requires both customers and workers, rewarding customers with easy access and low costs, while treating workers as an inexhaustible resource to be exploited with low wages and poor conditions …. This is not sustainable … specifically, for this consumer society is in the final death throws, for the society only works if the customer has funds, and the prices are affordable —- there comes a point when products cannot be made at a lower cost and when the main consumers do not have the funds to purchase because of the downward pressure by Capitalism to increase their profits … not giving them a living wage, this makes people into slaves to their income, the ideal of the house with the white picket fence is an impossible fantasy, even if it was ever realisable at any time — to consume, people then try debt, which seems such a total rort … as well we know that debt puts us in a prison and we pay off the debt with time, our most precious non renewable resource.

What will replace the current economy, for now there is little new directions available, no investment available or engine to create the next. One might argue that this is not true, however all systems, have an inertia, until the driving force behind it wains (the dying middle class in many countries were the main consumers, now they to are disappearing and many have become wage slaves – after this transition from the old system to the new what will we have?

The ancient economy was mainly based on subsistence farming, and hunting.

The industrial revolution phase lessened the role of subsistence farming, converting it to more extensive and mono-cultural forms of agriculture in the last three centuries. The economic growth took place mostly in mining, construction and manufacturing industries. Commerce became more significant due to the need for improved exchange and distribution of produce throughout the community.

• In the economies of modern consumer societies phase there is a growing part played by services, finance, and technology—the knowledge economy. This involves the provision of services to consumers and businesses, such as baby-sitting, financial advice, banking, insurances and entertainment.

(A shopkeeper and an accountant would be workers in the tertiary degree.)

• Quaternary stage/degree of the economy:Involves the research and development needed to produce products from natural resources and their subsequent by-products. (A logging company might research ways to use partially burnt wood to be processed so that the undamaged portions of it can be made into pulp for paper.) Note that education is sometimes included in this sector.

Other sectors of the developed community include :

• the Public Sector or state sector (which usually includes: parliament, law-courts and government centres, various emergency services, public health, shelters for impoverished and threatened people, transport facilities, air/sea ports, post-natal care, hospitals, schools, libraries, museums preserved historical buildings, parks/gardens, nature-reserves, some universities, national sports grounds/stadiums, national arts/concert-halls or theatres and centers for various religions).

• the Private Sector or privately run businesses.

• the Social sector or Voluntary sector.

But what will the basis of the new economy, in these days of such change.

The wonder of humanity is that the unique path which we all have can generate a new direction and new goal to bring meaning to our lives and our work, however one of the current problems with humanity is that those that may have these revolutionary ideas if they are not in Politics or bureaucracy will have normally little to no opportunity to express it … so how do we change the world?

One way is to create a new way, without regard to the old, disregarding dogma and over time as the old disintegrates and dies, the new will grow and become established …. the question must be asked how do we do this?

A Change economy – sharing economy – is the meaning of work to the many changing – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Externality

I would pass on the general comment that unchecked consumption is a greater threat to the planet than the growth in population itself .. also that flawed retail marketing and production strategies in Agri-Business, in Corporate food production and distribution, means that between 40-50% of all food grown, never reaches a person.This came from what I have been able to understand from the Pope’s statement on climate change and researching Engineering limitations in the Agricultural / harvesting process. … To blame population growth instead of extreme and selective consumerism on the part of some, is one way of refusing to face the issues.

A correction will be necessary, this can either being managed, or it will just happen and the ashes will lay where they fall. By it’s very nature, today, I feel like Alice and the looking glass, change outside of the norm may not be possible, as observations of Politicians, reveal their many all too human character flaws, which are that they are driven primarily by self interest, greed opportunism and dogma – however let’s look now at sometime in the future.

Then when we look back, what will have become of the monumental edifices, the largely vacant shopping malls, these symbols of the past ‘glories’ of consumerism, consumption and distraction – what are we to do with the vast buildings and their open spaces, perhaps housing? … a productive thing we could do, it rip up the vast car parks and do something useful with the land, like grow food!

Flowing on from this retail contraction, inevitably there will be corporate failures, first in retail, then in manufacturing, the transport and service industries, the more leveraged the company is, the more likely – but around this point this will be a financial Armageddon scenario, there will be no one to buy these assets, Banks will have made loans to formerly secure and even the blue chip – stocks will plunge, companies will fail, or go into Chapter 11, (these assets will again be unwanted, useless, perhaps even toxic, as there will be no buyers), then the Banks (which were formerly too big to fail, and which are even now larger) will become vulnerable, cash will dry up, if this correction is wide spread, then the cycle that was started by greed, whose first chapter was the 2008, Global Meltdown will have its Finale, its curtain call for the banks will be asset rich, but cash poor, huge asset right downs, and this time, there will be no bail out, the socialist Public cash cow won’t be there, the public won’t allow it (and the US can’t afford it), but if they ignore the advice of the experts and pay the billions to shore up these financial edifices, will only hasten the demise of America and the financial system as a whole. We will have wide spread Corporate collapse – the US Budget itself will become even more vulnerable without Corporate and personal taxation income from the millions of the now unemployed, confidence will collapse, the currency will dramatically devalue, imports will cost more, what will need to happen will be severe and permanent expense cuts are applied – I cannot see the Hawks and the GOP accepting this (especially to defence), the US. will print money, borrow more but in time, inevitably societal collapse will follow.The Corporate spin that Trade deals are good for America is a falsehood .. they are only good for Corporations – the NAFTA was supposed to increase jobs, but it has had the opposite effect, in effect over 600,000 jobs have been lost in the USA – Corporations just took the opportunity to move manufacturing to lower paid jurisdictions such as Mexico … with few laws protecting the rights of workers as well as few environmental protections …but the real basis is the Corporate grab for more Power and control, the strategy is to entrench Corporate domination, what’s at state here is individual national sovereignty .. I would suggest you look to David Korten’s article that will develop this further, here. This confluence of flaws and scenarios, from the Political, Administrative, Taxation, Judicial and financial mis-management, means we enter the unknown realm, of what happens next? There is a lesson for us all here, again, sadly one, we won’t learn from as George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said … “history teaches us is that people and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it – Hegel”, I guess a part of what I am saying is that unrestrained consumption for its own sake could not be sustained – but from an environmental point of view, if economists would have actually taken into account the environmental impact of business, almost no business could be profitable, but a good thing will mean the ending of this paradigm, means that the planet will get a reprieve.

“When we see the planet as a community to which we belong with respect, rather than a resource to be plundered, then we have begun to evolve” ~ #intmf

Yes … his future is here …. regarding influence and power structures we are going backwards into multi layered “command and control” rather than forward into a sociocracy or a consultative, inclusive structure that primarily values the planet and the Biosystems.

Ignorance (the lack of all forms of beneficial education) and the illusions that the current dogma has taught society, are the real and present dangers to us +++ the next steps that we take and are taking will determine if humanity will survive.At some future time if any of us survive, what will they say of us? Were they so distracted with trying to make a living, we forgot to live? Are we do distracted and invested in illusions that we search for connection for meaning in the gadgets we have created (instead of those life forms, including our family and friends around us)… or we need gadgets because we cannot be alone with our thoughts … do we think through the instant gratification these gadgets provide is the something we seek … and ignore our environment, and the people who are or may have been the most important people in our life and ignore the other life that shares this planet with us … all of which has the same value to create a balance as we do.

Albert Einstein said a couple of things …”A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

The status-quo is always in transition, slowly … what works today may be made redundant tomorrow with a truly disruptive paradigm ( a life changing concept, not just a technical concept, but a new social structure ) that takes hold of our imaginations – whether we have that time to wait, I don’t know – sadly the future of the planet is in the hands of the Politicians at the moment, a more pathetic display of ignorance, opportunism and uninformed power I have yet to see … the real issue is they they do not know what is the right decision, they are influenced by lobbyists from Corporations, unaccountable economists (where economics appears to be more of an art form, a perspective than an all encompassing science) by their political donors (masters), and occasionally maybe a constituent, they do not know the right path, so they stay with no decision restricting us to the status quo, which though they may not realise it, is still a decision which gives us more of the same, more of that which is patently not working.During my research, I can see many people with thoughts of the future, so of us will be right, others not, me included, it really doesn’t matter. There are many people who are trying their best, actually within each person, I believe everyone is trying their best, we cannot and should not judge others, it is hubris and ego to consider that other people aren’t doing what they can, or that we are doing more – in fact it is taking on a victim mentality. At some point the concerns of the people will reach an level of inertia and change will happen – but what is without question is that we are always in transition, as nothing stays the same, the purpose of this post, indeed all of my posts is to raise awareness, to offer a perspective … not to do so would be irresponsible, my efforts and those of others may change nothing, or perhaps everything, we cannot know the ripple effect of what we create, what it will touch and what may come of it.

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